8 Best Houseplants Anyone Can Grow

Helloshabby.com -- Nowadays, people are becoming obsessed with being new moms and dad for the plants. There is something so special and memorable about the experience of helping a plant grow. Fortunately, there are tons of houseplants that are easy to care for, even for a beginner.

Having a houseplant will provide you a better air quality and a better mood for you. If you are still confused to pick the best houseplants for a new plant enthusiast, keep reading for 8 Best Houseplants for Beginner

1. Peace Lily: absorb the mold spores


Peace lily is one of the most popular indoor plant in the world. It is such a beauty stunner that makes the space comes alive. Peace lily is not just ornamental plant. It also has much important health benefit. This white-flowered plant will purify the air, and absorb harmful mold spores. As a result, you'll get better air and better health. 

Why you need this:

1. There is no special treatment needed
2. Absorbing toxins and mold from the air
3. Best plant for bedroom to make sleep better

2. Silver Queen Plant: Recommended by NASA


NASA recommends this plant as an air-purifying plant. The plant can reduce Benzene and Formaldehyde toxins indoor. Moreover, the leaves of this plant look special with a green and silvery color. It is the best to be focal point in your room. 

Why you need this:
1. It is a very popular indoor plants that survives in low-light
2. Silver Queen plant require very little care and not-really have serious problem. 

3. Sansevieria Bacularis : Make a Big Statement


If you are such a sansevieria or snake-plants lover, you can't miss this Sansevieria Bacularis. This plant may be small, but it can give a big statement in the room. This is thanks to the rigid and upright foliage. These Sansevieria Bacularis just look elegance with potted in teardrop shape pots. 

Why you need this: 
1. No special treatment.
2. It grows well in a bright area such as windowsill. 
3. Type of dry plant that not need to be watered too often.

4. Spider Plant (Chlorophytum Comosum): Good for small-space gardener


You don't need any special experience or knowledge to take care of this plant.  Although the shape is simple, spider plant has many fans. Thanks to its durability and anti-fussy treatment.  This plant can be a good starting point for beginner to become more expert gardener. 

Why you need this:

1. This plant thrives in low-light condition, such indoor.
2. You don't need to water it too often. 
3. Thanks to its simple and small-shaped that perfect for small-space gardener. 

5. Lucky Bamboo : A Lucky Charm


Lucky bamboo is believed to bring luck and prosperity to its owner. The stems are slender and more pliable than bamboo in general, with elongated leaves. The addition of a red ribbon to be symboled of fire, which bring balance to this plant.

Why a beginner need this: 
1. Lucky bamboo can be planted with soil or water medium. 
2. The plant doesn't need a lot of water. 
3. Make sure to water the plant every few days only.
4. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight. 

6. Golden Pothos: Providing oxygen supply


This is the most popular type of pothos, and easily to find everywhere. As the name implies, this plant has green leaves with a golden color pattern. Golden pothos can grow dangling on hanging pots, or grow trailing. Golden pothos can ease eye tiredness and providing oxygen supply. 

Why a beginner need this: 

1. Good air purifier for better breath
2. No special treatments, just water every 1-2 weeks. 
3. An adaptable plant, it can grow well in bright, indirect light. Just don't place them in direct sunlight. 

7. Neon Pothos: Perfect for humid environment 


Another pothos plant that can be grown by beginner. It doesn't require special treatment. Neon pothos grow well in humid place, such as the bathroom. This plant will add a pop of color in the bathroom. 

Why a beginner need this: 
1. It is easy to identify treatment errors:
Look at the leaves conditions, drooping yellow leaves indicate too much water, while brown leaf tips may indicate too dry air conditions, and you need to place them in a more humid environment. 

8. Zebra Cactus Plant: Good for busy-gardener


Even if you want to start taking care of indoor plants, there are times when you may not have time for that. This zebra cactus plant is good for you. It can grow well even in a nearly-zero amount of the water. You can even water this plant once a month, if you place them in warm environment and indirect sunlight. 

Why a beginner need this: 
1. Easy to care for
2. Have a unique shape
3. Good for newbie gardener in a small-space garden

Hopefully those 8 Best Houseplants for Beginner are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about houseplant for beginner. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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