9 Wonderful Indoor Plants That Grow in Water

Helloshabby.com -- For those of us who live in tiny houses or flats on high floors, it can be difficult to get access to fertile and humus soil for plants. Additionally, we still want to have indoor plants that grow bushy and healthy. Fortunately, there are a variety of plants that can still grow in the water. Because, water access is easier to get than the medium of planting soil, right?

If you want to have indoor plants that are practical and easy to care for, you can try some plants below! Find the details on these 9 Wonderful Indoor Plants That Grow in Water.

Syngonium Wendlandii


This plant is highly demand because of its rich green leaves with a striking white line in the middle of the green leaves. This eye-catching arrowhead plant can take root in the water. Sygonium wendlandii is suitable for water propagation since it roots faster in water. You really need fresh water to make this plant grow its root in the water. 

Monstera adansoni


Monstera has a unique leaf shape. You can also easily grow it in the water. Take a piece of stem that have several internodes or leaves, then place the cut end of the stem in room temperature, non-chlorinated water. Place the container in a bright place that gets enough indirect sunlight. You can also place it in a beautiful glass vase to make this plant even more beautiful. 

Devil's ivy


This type of plant grow vines with heart-shaped leaf. In addition to easy maintenance, devil's ivy can also live in water media. You don't need a large water medium to grow this plant at home. Used glass can be used as a medium for growing devil's ivy. 

Centella asiatica


This plant has super thin stems and flat, round leaves that can only live in water. Centella asiacita has many benefits for skin and health. No need for difficult maintenance. Just place it in a glass vase, then change the water regularly once a week, so the water is always clean and not mossy. Put them in a room with lots on light, such as on windowsills. 

Lucky Bamboo


Its flexible stems and thin roots make this lucky bamboo can live in water or planted hydroponically. Just make sure, the glass vase is always filled with water so that the plant does not dry out. Dry the plant in direct sun once a week to keep the leaves growing lush. 



Mint can grow in water. You'll have mint leaf stock for your kitchen, if you intend to take care of them at home. Mint can be propagated in various ways, one of which water propagation. Water propagation are a way to multiply using water in a clear container. 

Zanibar Gem (ZZ Plants)


ZZ plants cannot live completely in water. You can only multiply the ZZ plant with water propagation. The trick is easy, the stems or leaves can be cut and then put in water. The roots usually grow a month later. Then, you can put it back on the ground. 

Chinese Evergreen 


This green plant with a silvery pattern can live in water. You can let the roots grow in a transparent vase filled with water, before moving them into an adequate pot. Always keep the quality of water in the pot so that the roots grow healthy. 

Spider Plant


Spider plant can also thrive with just a water medium. You can plant a lush and larger spider plant in the ground, but you can also make it an interesting ornamental plant if you put in a glass vase filled with water and aquarium rocks. 

Hopefully those 9 Wonderful Indoor Plants That Grow in Water  are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about plants that grow in water. We wish you will be easier in making your dream-garden come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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