7 Low-light Indoor Houseplant for Beginners


7 Low-light Indoor Houseplant for Beginners

Homiful.com -- Indoor plants for low light are the perfect solution to be used as indoor ornamental plants. Besides being useful for beautifying the interior of the house, indoor ornamental plants can add oxygen to the room while filtering toxins. Not only that, caring for ornamental plants can also improve your mental health. However, not all types of plants can be placed in the house easily. This time, you can choose several types of plants that can help the air quality in the house throughout the day. Check out 7 low-light indoor plants for beginners below:


Philodendron Xanadu


This type of philodendron Xanandu is an ornamental plant that is easy to grow. Shiny green leaves with this very exotic berth have a width of 16-18 inches and a length of 7-14 inches. Plants that like low irradiation will be able to make indoor plants and do no like excess light.

Calathea peacock


This type of calathea plant is known as peacock plant. Plants with green and white color line motifs color line motifs that are inspired by beautiful concentrated colors. Similar to the feathers of a beautiful peacock, this plant is also known as an indoor plant that can live with artificial light. You do not need to dry this type of calathea to keep growing healthy.

Chinese Evergreen


Popular ornamental plants from this taro tribe have about 30 species. Plants derived from tropical rainforests grow both in low-fall and irradiation areas. This types of Aglaonema ornamental plant is popular because it has a lot of color variations, so it is suitable as home interior decoration.


Golden Photos


Photos are dubbed as the main houseplants. It is an indoor plant that not only thrives in low light, is very tolerant to many environments and is very durable. Especially for beginners, this plant is very easy to plant and does not require detailed care. This versatile plant can be pruned or allowed to grow long and wider.

ZZ plant


ZZ's plants are also known as plants that are easy maintenance and do not require too much water. You can simply water when the soil is dry so that the roots and stems are not easily rotten. This plant is a plant that is known not to like direct sunlight, but develops well in low-light and dry environments. So that makes this plant as an office plant or the perfect home interior.



Next is a plant with upright striped leaves called the tounge-in-law plant or Sansevieria. This plant grows about 30 cm tall but can reach up to 90 cm. Plants with easy care and suitable for beginners have enough advantages to help remove formaldehyde from the room.

Calathea Leopardina


The last is calathea leopardina known as bamboo calathea. Plants suitable for being placed in this room are most fittingly placed in the windowsill. Therefore, this plant becomes an ornamental plants that is being protected by many people.

Hopefully those home garden idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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