7 Houseplants That Look Like A Banana Tree To Bring Tropical Space

Helloshabby.com -- Banana trees do carry a strong tropical impression. Unfortunately, bringing banana trees into the house is not always easy to do. Banana trees can't and don't look great in a room, either. Its large size makes banana tress not suitable as indoor plant. 

However, if you are so interested in banana leaves, there are several houseplants that look like leaves on a banana tree. They can still bring a tropical vibe into your home. What are those? Keep reading for 7 Houseplants That Look Like A Banana Tree To Bring Tropical Space.

1. Dieffenbachia Big Ban


Add a touch green tropical space with this broadleaf plant, the Dieffenbachia Big Ban. Dieffenbachia Big Ban can grow tall, this one at 1.45 M. This plant has a hard leaf texture. The shape of the leaves is wide and elongated like a banana leaf. Moreover, this evergreen look so great indoor in captivating pot.

2. Heliconia


Want to bring a tropical statement for your home? Heliconia will help you. Heliconia can grow tall and slender, up to 5-8 feet tall, which makes it stand out. What makes it special, this plant produce unique flowers in reddish color. You can even make the flower part of a flower arrangement. 

3. Abyssinian banana 


Abyssinian banana / Ensete ventricosum. This broad green foliage has a maroon-flushed green leaves. They can grow well with sufficient moisture and sunlight. This plant will make your living space look so lively. 

4. Philodendron auriculatum 


No one can resist the uniqueness of this plant. This type of Philodendron has an oval leaf shape with a green color resembling a banana leaf. The lush leaves are spread beautifully, making for a tropical space that is so fresh. They prefer full sun to partial shade.

5. Giant Bird of Paradise


Giant bird of paradise will give you a mighty tropical sense. This plant has a 7-foot tall, and  it's still growing. This plant can grow healthy and fertile, even indoors. Place them on a larger pot to hold its large root. They love a bright spot, so a spot close to a window is an ideal place, if it is grown as an indoor plant.

6. Cigar plant


Cigar plant / calathea lutea is a low-maintenance plant. They can grow well, both indoor and outdoor. This type is the most popular, a banana tree-like plant. The shape is beautiful, the leaves are dark green and quite slender, makes this plant so attractive.  

7. Metallica Palm Tree


The plant is so charming, that's why, people often mistake this plant for an artificial plant. The leaves are like palm leaves with a slightly rough texture. The plant can grow in the low light condition. It also needs moderate water requirement. However, when grown well, the lush foliage will bring a fresh tropical feel that is no less than a banana tree.

That's all for 7 Houseplants That Look Like A Banana Tree To Bring Tropical Space. By knowing these plants, we wish you'll be able to get a tropical space even without a real banana tree, which is sometimes not very-good placed indoor. 

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
Source     : Various Source

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