Best Idea and Solutions For Your Small Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house. The spacious and modern kitchen is not more attractive than a small kitchen with a usefull storage. The layout of the kitchen becomes very important to make the kitchen look cozy and beautiful.

Following tips from us that you can do it :
1. Start with a functional space with cabinet
A very functional floor plan is important in spatial layout. Furniture setups such as refrigerators, gas stoves, fitting sinks will make the room more simple and tidy. 
With a fitting setup the kitchen with a small space will look bigger. 

2. Pick a Color Pallet 
The fitting color selection will give an elegant impression and can also add a decorative wall decoration for more interesting. 

3. Break Up The Cabinetry
In a small space setup is a very important problem to be aware of. In that case, you can add a cupboard or two above and by adding some open shelves. It will make the kitchen more attractive. 

4. Carefully Select Lighting 
If your kitchen is small, you need to pay attention to the lighting level. Less fitting lighting will give the impression of the space noticeably smaller. So for the arrangement of furniture try not to cover the window or the places of the light entry so the kitchen remains bright and the air fentillation is good and the room is not moist. 

5. Accessories with Function 
With a small room condition addition of kitchen accessories can be done. Of course with accessories that have benefits. Simplify the kitchen by storing items that are not used every day such as mixers, blender, toaster etc. The fewer items in the kitchen will make the room more spacious and open. Choose beautiful and functional accessories to make the room more lively and comfortable. 

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