12 Beautiful Small Bathroom Ideas on a Budget

Helloshabby.com -- No one ever likes the small boring bathroom. Although the time that we spent in bathroom is quite short, but that doesn't mean your small bathroom look what it is and dull. Upgrade the look on your bathroom by giving a touch of ideas to beautify a small bathroom. You can make one or more essential changes to improve the look, functionality, storage and get comfy in your small bathroom. Don't worry the changes of your small bathroom doesn't always cost a lot of budget. We have 12 Beautiful Small Bathroom Ideas on a Budget, to help you beautify your small bathroom.

1. Beautiful Small Bathroom with Asian Squat Toilet

Still using the squat toilet model? It's okay as Asian or not somehow we feel comfortable using squat toilet model. To make it more enjoyable, make sure to always clean the toilet so it have a clean look. For the floor you can design with granite ceramics so your small bathroom give a fresh feeling.

2. Beautiful Small Bathroom with Terrazzo Water Tub

Have you ever been on holiday in Bali? This kind of terrazzo bathtub are very popular there. Instead of box water tub, you can change it into terrazzo water tub. It can make your small bathroom feel fresher as seem as the natural vibe of Bali.

3. Beautiful Small Bathroom in White-Themed

One trick to make your small bathroom look bigger is go on white theme. The white will make your small bathroom look spacious enough. Beside that, the white-themed bathroom look more clean and bright. Just make sure you put some items in other color as contrast with the white ones.

4. Beautiful Small Bathroom with Unique (and Cheap) Wall Foam

Has your wall bathroom look better and unique? You can apply 3D brick wall foam to make it more catchy. Peel and stick this wall foam above the plain walls, so your small bathroom look more dynamic. 

5. Beautiful Small Bathroom with Plants

Live up your small bathroom with the plants. They will add fresh pop of color to the bathroom. They also freshen up the air and make the vibe more natural. Try on some low-maintenance and on budget plants or you can simply choose an artificial plants to your small bathroom. 

6. Beautiful Small Bathroom with Monochrome-themed

Simply yet modern, this monochrome-themed small bathroom look clean and cozy. On the walls, you can choose a ceramic that has rough surface with small triangle patterns. This kind of wall make the your small bathroom looks more have dimensions.

7. Beautiful Small Bathroom with Removable Wallpaper

Upgrade your plain  to share-worthy bathroom by adding unique wallpaper. You can choose a mosaic wallpaper patterns to brighten up the mood on the bathroom. Simply, install this wallpaper on the shower room, so that your shower area become  a beautiful and cozy corner on this bathroom. 

8. Beautiful Small Bathroom with Closed Windows

Even in the bathroom make sure you install the windows. Even closed window doesn't matter. This window will be source of the natural light that keep your bathroom bright during the day. Beside that, you can give stones floor in shower area, those stone floor will become foot relaxation when you are showering. 

9. Beautiful Small Bathroom with Partition

In minimalist house, somehow you must combine a toilet and shower room in one space. You can separate them by using a partitions, for example using minimalist bulkhead walls-that combined with the glass. In addition, give each other different decorations to bring different nuances in both area. 

10. Beautiful Small Bathroom with Wall Decorations

Brighten up the wall on your bathroom by put wall decorations, like painting or any picture that you'd like. This wall decoration make the industrial-themed bathroom above more look pleasant to the eye. 

11. Beautiful Small Bathroom with Wooden Vanity

Bathroom and vanity is quite a perfect combination, even in small bathroom design. You can choose the type of vanity made in wooden element. This wood elements add a different touch of warmth in your small bathroom. But, remember to choose the vanity that adjust your budget. The cheap ones is quite enough to beautify your bathroom. 

12. Beautiful Small Bathroom with Geometric-themed

Unique and different. You can bring a polygon-themed to the bathroom. Apply it on the walls to the floor. If it's quite pricey, you can choose wallpaper with matching patterns, to apply than on your bathroom.

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Those are our 12 Beautiful Small Bathroom Ideas on a Budget. What do you think? Do you love one or more the small bathroom ideas above. Will try it on your small bathroom. Tell us on our Facebook fan page.

Hopefully those 12  Small and Beautiful Bathroom Ideas is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about small bathroom design. Hopefully you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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