7 Of the Best Contemporary Living Room Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- The Oxford Dictionary define the word 'contemporary' as just following the latest ideas. In other word, contemporary is design style that is being 'trending' in the present. That's why contemporary style could be ecletic.

It's neither easy nor difficult to design contemporary living room. But, somehow the contemporary living room is more dynamic, not tied up with some certain elements. The contemporary living room also prioritizes the flexibility and comfortness on the room. Before you begin renovating your living room, make sure to look at 7 Of the Best Contemporary Living Room Ideas. They're the perfect choice to mix and match some ideas to create the cozy contemporary living room.


 Present a Cozy Atmosphere

Contemporary design is very easy to combine with other style. But the most important, it must give you a cozy atmosphere. You can bring the cozy feeling by choosing and combine a modern low sofa and futuristic coffee table. Add a rug on the center of the living room that provide homey and warmth to your contemporary living room.


A Color Blocking Style

Color blocking is a combination of two or more colors in one room. The color can be bright, muted, dark even contrasting colors. For example, in the living room with dominant neutral color you can add a rug with gradation of dark color. This will make the living room look contrasting and elegant.



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Contemporary + Traditional

Traditional-style furnishing can be contemporary when it combined with bright element. For example, a wooden sofas and tables with white plinths, wooden decorations, the white walls, and modern standing lamps bring a contemporary feel to traditional trends. 


Clear and Smooth Lines

You can choose furniture that has a clear and smooth outline. Like, a sofa with a clearly curved backrest shape and a wooden bench (that display the wooden strokes). The seating design, especially the sofa is unique and make your guest sit feel like the king and queens.


Colorful Decorations

Feel free to experiment in contemporary living room design. Contemporary style gives you the freedom to put colorful decorations in the room. In the living room, you can put colorful sofa cushions, a yellow curtains, and the gold feather decorations and plants in terracotta pots.  


Neat Arrangement

Contemporary style is very dynamic, but it doesn't mean you can make the living room look messy. You must arrange the living room with the right arrangement. The design of the wooden table is very unique and complete the look on this contemporary living room. Beside that, the table makes the room look neat and tidy.  


Motif Patterns

Give the accent of motifs and patterns to make the living room have contemporary look. For example, using a rug with rigid wave pattern, plaid curtains, plaid brown sofa and the door with horizontal line motifs. 

All of the ideas above, somehow make contemporary living rook look so elegant. The living room set combine with perfect color, give the contemporary living room look cozy and unique. With sophisticated furniture, the contemporary living room surely will blow your mind.

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