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Helloshabby.com --  Some of us may be have a purple passion. Purple is such color that brings many positive vibe. That's why don't hesitate to apply the purple color to your home design. Purple is always perfect  for those of you who're looking for a vibrant pop, searching for a calm color, and unique visual. When you are designing a charming purple house design, you don't have to apply all the interior and exterior in all purple. That kind of arrangement will may the purple house look unbalanced and odd. You can play the shades of purple in various way and amount. 

Here we are presenting A Charming Purple House Design That Will Blow Your Mind. Hope you'll like it.


This charming purple house is suitable to be applied in the countryside. The exterior wall are painted in purple lilac, make the house look cozy and calm. This purple house also equipped with a green garden and split stone that's surrounding the house. So, this house feel like at one with nature.


What makes this terrace look unique? Yes, a unique pillar and the house grille. The pillar using a natural stones materials with beautifully textured surfaces. The house grille is designed in minimalist style, it look simple but the bright purple give elegant touch in this terrace.

The Door

A two-leaf door model is selected as the door design. It's quite large, so on the right and left, you can add windows that makes the house look balanced. Above the door are installed the ventilation as  air circulation.

Living Room
Bright up the living room by choosing a sofa with blue color. Also add cushions in white and blue color. The blue color will make the living room look bright and fun. Because,  the lilac color (on the wall) will look too gloomy, if you're not give other bright color as the accent.
The Decorations
It doesn't mean you have to choose all purple as your decoration. You can add purple decoration in little amount, so the purple theme won't look monotonous and boring. Other than that, give some plant to make the house more lively.

Master Bedroom
A room with mattresses on the floor can be a pleasant idea. You don't have to buy expensive bed frame, so it's more cost-effective. Around the bed, place the rugs so that the room always feels warm and homey. 
Teenage's Bedroom
If you have a teenage child, then this kind of purple bedroom, you can try at your teenage's daughter room. The arrangement is quite the same with master bedroom above, but in this room your daughter can play their favorite hoby, like jamming or study in the room.  

Family Room
Beside have living room, this house have a family room. The family room can be used as a gathering place with your family member. Simply, choose a dark shade of purple and white coffee table to enjoy your time with the family member. 

Dining Room

On the minimalist house, the dining room can be designed without the dining chair. You can sit on rug and pillows floor like the Japanese style. Add one or two greenery to make the fresh air.

The Kitchen
The backsplash is so unique, the mosaic pattern in lilac color give some accent to the kitchen. The kitchen table is made by permanent cast method. Add curtains under the kitchen with the same color to look beautiful and neat.

Laundry Room
The laundry room is placed in the outside the house. So, your laundry activities will feel refreshed. You can add sticker on the washing machine to give a purple touch.

So, that's a charming purple house design that will blow your mind. Some of interior design look simple and easy to imitate on your own house. Tell us what do you think about this house, on the comment in our Facebook fan page!

Hopefully this article is useful for those of you design inspiration and house plans.Hopefully you will be easier in making a dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family to be of benefit to others.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
Source     : cr:instagram/astri_purplehomie

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