A Full House Design with Green Paint That Easy to Adapt in Your House

Helloshabby.com -- When you hear the word of green, what do you think of? It maybe the nature and the plants. Green is a color that is loaded with shades of freshness. It's never wrong choice to make your house in green paint. A house with green paint will provide tranquility and energy in the house. For you who are looking for a minimalist house design in green paint? Keep reading for plenty of inspiring green interior design that you can apply in your own home. 


The Living Room Design

Many shades of green that you can apply on your home, but we recommend a house with the green-lime paint. This color is quite unique provide the calm and coolness at the same time. On this living room that painted in green-lime color, you can choose the furnitures in more bold color, like the blue navy on the curtains, the blue on the sofa and the gray on the sofa puff. Those combination made this living room look more balanced and pleasant to the eyes.

A Minimalist Workplace Design

Move to the next area, you will find a minimalist work place.  Actually, this workplace is placed one room with the living room, or you can call it as open plan design. To make it more private,  make the workplace layout more hidden from the living room. For example, put a work desk in the corner of the room that close to the wall. Other tips, face the work desk toward the wall to make you more focused when you have to work from home.

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The Dining Room Design

When you want to make a house with green paint, make sure to choose the furnitures in other colors. So that your room won't look too flashy. On the dining room, we recommend you to choose a minimalist chair and table from wooden chair. This kind of wooden dining set add some nature feeling and the freshness to the room. Don't forget to hang some decoration to beautify your dining room.

The TV Room Design

A TV room may be the best room for your family gathering. On this room you can enjoy and relax with the family member while watching favorite TV program. So, don't forget to provide a seating that fits for the family members. The look of this TV room look different from other room, caused the homeowner choose the paint some walls in green and white paint. This way, every room will have different look but still bring union thematic. 


The Master Bedroom Design

Move the master bedroom. The homeowner liked to modify the look on the walls. On this bedroom, some walls look futuristic by adding a white sticker in random shapes. The other walls that paint in lime plain is beautify by hang some decorative frames.

The Kid Bedroom Design

When you have a kid always hear what they want to present on their bedroom. Even when green is not their favorite color, don't force them to apply it on their bedroom. Cause bedroom is always be very private place for peoples. You can design the kid bedroom with blue paints. The blue color give some fresh vibe the room. More important, it's your kid favorite color, surely they will like it. 

The Mini Bar Design

Presenting a mini bar on your home, why not? It's quite simple to design a mini bar in the house. You just need to provide a pair of bar stool. On the kitchen make a large window without a cover, so you can easy serving the drinks to your love one. 

The Kitchen Design

Different with other room, the kitchen is design in white and black colors. Even on small kitchen, the shades of white make the kitchen look more airy and spacious. The black one add some contrast that complement the look on this kitchen. It's quite understandable to design kitchen in white and black, cause the homeowner want bring different vibe in this kitchen by not choosing a green paint.

So, what do you think about those design? Somehow all design is look beautiful and easy to adapt on our minimalist house. Tell us what do you love from the design above by comment and like on our Facebook fan page.

Hopefully those A House Painted in Green That Look Fresh   is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home design. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
Source     : cr:instagram/septiana.dewii

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