Amazing Kitchen Storage Ideas -- Do you want your kitchen utensils to look neatly arranged and clutter free? One of the best solution is to provide a practical storage in the kitchen.

There are many kind of storage models, from the shelving, wall patches, to under and upper cabinet kitchen. All of them have same function. That is to organize and keep kitchen utensils. When you need to add extra storage, you don't have the worry about the price. Many kitchen storage, you can get at affordable price. Let's check out our review about "Amazing Kitchen Storage Ideas". Some ideas is very simple, you can even make your extra kitchen storage by yourself (DIY).


    Cooking Utensils Shelves

Having a special shelves to keep your cookware is the best way to make the kitchen always look tidy. You can choose a four-level stacking metal racks. This storage is wide enough, allowing you to store the various cooking utensils and cutlery.


Kitchen Cabinet

Cabinet is often used in many kitchen design, but it doesn't mean it became mainstream and not worth it. The cabinet becomes a storage that effectively keep the kitchen not messy. You can put the dishes, cookware, even dry ingredients in the kitchen cabinet. 


Open Shelfing

The concept of the kitchen also effect on the selection of kitchen storage design. If you want to present the scandinavian look, you can choose an open shelving that consist of 5 stacks. This shelf is made of wooden base with metal stand-finishing with white paint. This shelf look sleek and complement the look in your scandinavian kitchen. 



Minimalist Wooden Shelves

You must feel stressed out, when you're cooking but it's hard to pick up the necessary spices, right? Make sure you choose the type of shelf that make it easy for you to pick you kitchen need. For instant, the minimalist wood shelf. This shelf is arranged vertically wide containing a plastic basket for the seasoning place.


Wall Mounted Shelves

Using shelves mounted on the wall will make the empty kitchen wall look beautiful. So, this kind of shelf is perfect for those of you want to put decorations, such as ornamental plants in the kitchen. But, make sure you put the safe stuff on the top.



Open Shelving

Still using the empty kitchen walls, you can install an open shelving for storage of the kitchen spices even the decorations. This model look simple, but makes it easy for you to take stuff from it. Add a patches of panels under open shelving as additional storage. 


So, that's 6 of amazing kitchen storage ideas. Some of them is very simple, even you can make it by your self. But, the half of it is need to design by custom according to your kitchen dimensional like, the kitchen cabinet. Tell us what is your favorite amazing kitchen storage ideas. Tell us on comment in our Facebook. 

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