How to Separate Living Room and Dining Room Layout -- In minimalist houses sometimes you have to choose an open plan style, especially in the living room and dining rooms. While this arrangements look spacious, but you may have to compromise on your privacy. So, to keep it private and has different vibe between one each other, you need to create boundaries or separator between living room and dining room layout. So, the open plan look elegant and and get comfy feeling. Want to know how to separate living room and dining room layout ? Just scroll down to see a better explanation.


Center and Corner Layout

In the open plan concept, you must have at least one room as the center or focal point of the large room. The selection can be based on the function of the room itself. Like the one above. The living room can be placed in the center. While, the dining room is placed in the corner of the room. The sofa is placed opposite with the dining room. So that the shoulder of the sofa can be useful as a two-room barrier.


Using a Different Seating

The seating should be exist in both the living and dining rooms. Meanwhile, the seating also can be differentiator in the two rooms above. You can choose a modern L shaped-sofa for the sofa. While, in the dining room choose a dining set made of wood and metal elements. Despite, having the same color yet the seating also give different nuances. Cozy and comfy feeling for the living room, elegant and homey feeling vibe for the dining room.



Using a Different Decoration

In the open plan style home, it's a good idea to create visual distinction by using various decoration. For example, you can put an open shelves to place decorative plants in the living room. In addition, in the dining room you can place the shelving as storage for cooking furnitures, like microwave and oven. Those surely will make both of the room visually beautiful and tidy. 


 Console Table Divider

Consider to place a console table right on the sofa set. This simply becomes a practical divider. Instead of having shelves in the middle of the room, you can build them on one side. On the shelf you can put various decorations such as plants in the potted media and also rustic baskets.




Unique Lighting as Practical Divider 

Hang an unique chandelier in the dining room and living area. The chandelier will give different atmosphere in the two room. You can choose an unique chandelier with bright light for the dining area.



Using a Display Shelf as Partition

Create a tall display shelving and tastefully arranged the decorations, like book, plant and aromatherapy candles. The partition is simply yet beautifully separate the living room and dining room layout. It give a classy an open plan nature of the houses. 

So, you could easily to separate living room an dining room layout. You may choose the shelves, the lighting, even the decorations. Hope those tips is useful for those of you that want have the living room and dining room look in open plan design. At the last, we always pray that we are all in good health. May be happiness is always be with you.


Hopefully this article is useful for those of you design inspiration and house plans.Hopefully you will be easier in making a dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family to be of benefit to others.

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