Make A Better First Impression with These Home Exterior Ideas -- The facade is the first part of your house, that people look at. The facade of the house also represent the character of the homeowner. Do the owner love the modern look, minimalist touch, or even natural vibe. All are impression are represented from the appearance of facades and home exteriors. Don't let your facade look dull and unattractive. Here we present a review titled ''Make A Better First Impression with These Home Exterior Ideas''. Let's make your facade have visually attractive. 

Marble Exterior Walls


An easy way to instantly to upgrade the look of you facade is to install a marble exterior wall. To save cost, you can apply it on half of exterior walls and on the pillars of the house, like the one above. This marble wall surely will make your house look naturally beautiful and classy.

Unique Floor Tiles


Modern and elegant impression can be presented through the selection of exterior floors. On the carport, consider to choose floor tiles with beautiful and glossy finishing. The floor is design in a slopping plaid, making the home exterior look more dynamic. The black tile give contrast with the white on the terrace. So, this unique floor tiles can be a perfect choice to make a better impression of your home. 


 A Minimalis Metal Fence


Fences are desperately needed in a house. Fences are not only as a barrier and protector on the house, it can add visual values to the house. In a minimalist house, you can consider to choose a minimalist fence. This fence is made of strong metal that have good resistant to  extreme weather changes. The fence frame is made by fairly classical design. So, your house give minimalist yet elegant impression.


A house with Flower Garden


Natural and beautiful are two word that perfect for home exterior with a flower garden. You can plant a variety of beautiful flowers to make the home exterior look fresh. On terrace, put a pair of chair for you to specially enjoy the fresh air and your beautiful flower. 


 A Minimalist Canopy


Canopy serves to protect the carport area from rainwater and sun hear. Since it is placed in front of the house, consider choosing a canopy with chic design. You can choose a polycarbonate canopy. This canopy has good durability, by visually it also look modern classic and giver a sturdy impression. 

 Cozy and Fresh Terrace


The terrace area is usually visible from the outside. Make a better first impression on your terrace by design a fresh and cozy terrace. It's quite easy. Just place a rattan chair that have padded pads. Put a table to place your favorite tea. And put your favorite plants on the side of terrace, so your terrace feel naturally fresh.

Hopefully this article Make A Better First Impression with These Home Exterior Ideas useful for those of you design inspiration and house plans.Hopefully you will be easier in making a dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family to be of benefit to others.

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