Short on Space? Consider These Small Living Room Ideas to Inspire You -- Not everyone has a large living room. If you are the unfortunate one, you don't have to worry. By the right arrangement and suitable decoration, the small living room will look airy and cozy. Just follow these small living room ideas to inspire you . It's perfect for you who are looking for small living room to save space an on budget. 


Bright and Fun Color

The use of color greatly affect on small room. You can use bright colors, such as white and yellow. The white one give you the impression of a roomy-looking space. The yellow color make the small living room look fun and friendly. You can combine it with various decoration like wall clock, fur decoration and shelves with yellow-golden color that make this small living room look more classy.


Minimalist Sofa and Coffee Table

Sofa is the most important furniture to be placed in the living room. Therefore, you should avoid using a large sofa that make the small room look crowded. The coffee table  is more suitable that using large table, because it can save more space. Other than that, you can put a standing mirror to make the small living room look spacious enough.


Height Ceiling on The Living Room

Even in narrow space, your living room will look spacious enough by installing a ceiling. It's a good idea to design a ceiling of 3 meters from the  floors. This will make your living room feel more airy. Beside that, the installation of additional ceiling will help the air circulation feel fresher. You can install a chandelier to keep your ceiling stand out.



Window in the Living Room

By using the window, your living room will look bigger. This is caused by the windows that can maximize the natural light. The design of the living room using white color which make the room appear more expansive. Match the white walls with pastel soft furnishing, so the living room won't look boring and monotonous. 



Simple Yet Elegant Pink

 Coloring your white living room by choosing  an elegant pink sofa. The sofa design is quite simple, yet it can fit from 3 to 4 people. This pink sofa give accents so your small living room will not look dull. Another way to make your small living room feel lively, by placing a curtain with various color.  


Earthy Tone Vibe

You can design a small living room with an earthy tone theme. Earthy tone will give a warm and comfortable feeling. It can be applied to the sofas, carpets, and wooden shelves. On the wall, put a macrame with earthy tone color to add a vibrant ambience. So, your small living room look more natural and homey. 


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