Striking Modern Black and White Bathroom Ideas -- The bathroom has gone from just a place to clean up become a place that the owner is free to be himself. Therefore, the bathroom design must adjust the character of the homeowner. And black and white are the colors that look elegant and has a strong impression when applied in a small room. The key to modern black and white bathroom is to make sure natural light will illuminates the bathroom. Natural light emphasize the contrast of black and white, so that the bathroom looks modern elegant. To help inspire you, we've recommended 6 of Striking Modern Black and White Bathroom Ideas.


You can accent your black and white bathroom design. For example, choosing a wall and water tub design with mosaic ceramic with monochrome look. Those accent will make the black and white bathroom feel more dynamic. Then, the bathtub is designed transparent with glass installation. This glass will show you the clarity of water, so that your bathroom always look fresh.


Hexagonal black floor tiles are pair with with expose brick on the wall for a soothing look in this black and white bathroom. The white walls makes your tiny bathroom feel more spacious. You can put colored frame decorations on the walls, so the bathroom won't look boring and plain.

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The mate hexagonal black floor tiles are quite perfect for monochrome bathroom ideas. The tiles has a textured surface, this will make the floor anti-slippery. Hexagonal tiled floor make the bathroom look cool and modern. In minimalist design, you can place glass door as partition between toilet and shower room.


Some people are worried about applying black in large quantities on the bathroom design. The black is feared to make the room look dark and stiff. But don't worry, this still workable. Like the one above. Some wall are designed in full black color. The other ones are designed in white and blue ceramic. So the room still looks bright.  Don't forget to look the location of the 3 stacked swing window that also emits natural light.


Just like the other one before, the black wall in the bathroom can be point of interest on modern and white bathroom ideas. Especially, if the black wall is made of natural stone material. Its distinctive texture gives this natural and fresh touch in this bathroom.



You can make a modern black and white bathroom has a more colorful vibe. For example, using door and bathtubs with a light beige color. Add greenery as an ornament, so that the bathroom feels cooler and fresher.

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