Stylish Under Bed Storage Solutions and Ideas -- If  you have a free space under your bed, why not make it as extra bedroom storage. Under bed storage may be a practical solutions if you're short on bedroom storage. You can keep the garments, bedding even the kid toys in under bed storage. The under bed storage can keep your things and make the room look neat. Keep browse through these stylish under bed storage solutions and ideas. Who knows, these stylish under bed storage is the best match with your need.


 A bedstead with Drawers Underneath

A bedstead with drawers underneath maintain a clutter free room. You can easily tap and push the drawers. Some bedstead carry two up to many underneath drawers. The more drawers the more expensive. So, consider your budgetary when you choose a bedstead with drawers underneath. If you already have a compact closet, then to select bedstead with two drawer underneath may be perfect for you.


  Stylish Multilevel Drawers

For minimalist room, dress up multilevel drawers in white design that perfectly tidy up your bedroom. This multilevel drawers effective enough to save more your things on your tiny room. Beside that, it can make your bed look dynamically high. We sure that your room maintain tranquil and cozy atmosphere.


Under Bed  Shoe Storage

Need space for your extra shoe. You can use a free space under bed as a place for your shoes collection. This storage is designed to fit the wooden bedstead. The wood give a stylish rustic vibe to the room. In addition, the open shelving shoe storage more effective and efficient when you want to wear the new shoe.


 Under Bed Garments and Documents Storage

Instead of being empty and wasteful. Store your garments and important documents. A bed frame with drawers underneath appear to fit in your room. For easy access, you can choose a pull and push drawer.


Under Bed Book Storage

For thematic look, dress up your under storage bed with white drawers. With under bed drawers, even you can put many books. So, your study desk will look neat and tidy. Under bed book storage will make your room look spacious. You can truly unwind in.


Open Shelving

In your kid bedroom, it's quite perfect to have open shelving under bed to keep their toys.  It can make your kid easy to pick and arranging their toys. Store the accessories in baskets. Fill the open shelving with plastic bin to put their favorite toys. 


So, That's some stylish under bed storage ideas. Some of them, can be made by yourself. While others, made custumes with bed frame. Pay attention to the design of the room and its size. You can choose under bed storage according to your needs. 

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