12 Dreamy Green Bedroom Design Ideas with Tips to Decorate Yours

Helloshabby.com -- Natural, fresh, energised, tranquil, these are all the things we might feel from the the green color. With all positive impressions on the greenery, it's not wrong if we love to design our bedroom with green color. So that, we can feel the positive impact of the greenery, when opening our eyes in the morning. 

If you're looking for bedroom inspiration with a green theme, Helloshabby.com has a few green bedroom inspiration option that you can try at home! We also rounded up some tips to decorate your dreamy green bedroom. Keep reading for  12 Dreamy Green Bedroom Design Ideas with Tips to Decorate Yours:

1. Green in Kid Bedroom

Give some happy place to your children by adding green color to their room. Green can appear to be pleasant color for your child. You can design the will with green-lime paint. Add some sticker in geometric style to add some accent to their room. You can choose the furniture such as a cabinet with cute Keroppi's pattern to make the room more cheerful.

2. A Relaxing Green Bedrooms Design

Beside seen as natural, green bedrooms can have relaxing effect. Built some walls embossed in green and white color to make your green room look unique. You can choose green sheet to make the room look blended.

3. Green in Bunker Bedroom Design

Green color can give different character, even in minimalist room with bunker bed. The green color not only provides contrast to the room but also makes the room look more compact.

4. Bright Green Bedroom

You can present room with bright shades of green. One of them is to choose lime as the paint of your wall. This color will reflect a bright light exposed to natural light. So, your green bedroom won't look so gloomy.

5. Dreamy Green Kid Bedroom Design

When you decide to design a green bedroom, don;t forget to add another color as a contrast. For example choose floor carpets in green, yellow and blue, to make the bedroom does not look monotonous. 

6. Harmonious Green and White Bedroom Deisgn

Green won't look to tawdry when you combine it with a white furnishing. It will actually make the green color visible as a point of interest on the room. Beside, by using white furnishings make your color have a clean look.

7. A Cozy Green Bedroom

Having a minimalist bedroom but cozy is not difficult task. As in picture above, you can see that the room uses a bed that built in to the walls. This idea is arguably smart and efficient for small room. A mattress that can blend into the wall, there will be plenty of space to left to store some items in the room. The green also make the room have a cozy and fresh vibe in the small bedroom.

8. Earthy Vibe Green Bedroom Design

Green is always connect to the earth. Simply, you can design a green bedroom that have earthy vibe. Use parquet floor that present a warm feeling to your room. Add some pattern floral to your plain-green wall, to make it look more lovely and has earthy accent.

9. Play with Shapes on Green Bedrooms

You can design the wall in abstract-geometrical shaped in the bedroom. Those shape will make your green bedroom look more dynamic. On the other plain-green's wall, you can hang on some floral decoration to beautify your room.

10. Lively Green Bedroom Design with Mezzanine

Green is lively color. You can paint your walls in light green paint. Those color look match with a vinyl floor. On the mezzanine, you also can paint the surface in light green paint. Add some accent such us colorful bed sheet, so your room won't look boring. 

11. Variety Shade of Green in Your Bedroom

Green is right color when you want a bedroom with tranquil feeling. Green color can present a relaxing mood to everyone who sees that. In the arrangement of the room, you can play various types of green to make it more dynamic. Ranging from pale green, faded, to bright green.

12. A Fresh Green Bedroom Design

You don't have to be worry, if your room look too flashy for others. As long as you enjoy, you can design a full green bedroom. We suggest you to choose a bed sheet that have natural pattern, like the one above. Those panda on bed sheet's pattern make the bedroom have natural nuance.

So, that's all for 12 green bedroom design ideas. Hopefully those 12 Dreamy Green Bedroom Design Ideas are useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about green bedroom ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
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