A Classy and Elegant Pink House Design, That Simple and Easy to Try at Yours

Helloshabby.com --  Living in freedom of expression era, make us free to design our house according to our tastse. We don't have to hesitate to choose a certain color even in some certain shape to our own home, which describe use very much. One of the way is to choose a full house pink design as our themed-house. Pink always relate to special impression. You can call the pink as sweet, elegant, feminine, soft, classy to cheerful ones.  The pink color also could give you some peace of mind, that makes your home cozier and always be missed. So, here we are presenting you A Classy and Elegant Pink House Design, That Simple and Easy to Try at Yours. It's quite unique but very easy to adapt at your own home. 

The Pink  Façade Design

When you decide to choose pink color, don't forget to think about what color that look match in with the pink. One of the best answer is white. White blend perfectly with the pink, it give some soft and elegant look to your house. In all-pink your exterior walls, choose white as the finishing color of your doors, windows, even pillars of the house. Those combination make your pink house look more elegant and doesn't look saturated.

The Terrace Design

If you don;t have an empty wetlands for gardening, you can use your patio/terrace as your minimalist garden. You can care for and display your favorite plants there. The greenery will make your terrace even more fresh and cozy.

Minimalist Fish Pond Design

Optimize your patio well. You can built the fish ponds in there. The fish pond give you some nature feeling. And it will make your large terrace won't look so empty. Beside, the fish ponds and the plants are best pairing ideas. You can enjoy your weekend while gardening and take care of your pet fish.

Guardrail in The Fish Pond

Built some fish ponds are fun, but if you have children especially toddler, install guardrail across the fish ponds is a must. The guardrail keep your toddle safe from any incident. Beside, that guardrail will make your fish pond even more stand out.

The Black Pink Living Room Design

Other than white, the black is the best color for the pink. It give you elegant and strong impression to your living room. As one of the way  to make your pink house not look monotonous, you can choose a black sofa as the center of the room. The decorative frames are arranged in stages to make the living room look dynamic.

A Pink Cozy Spot Design

Maybe, most of us have favorite place in the house. Our favorite place must design in comfortable way. As an option, we can choose such a round rattan chair that look like unique bird's nest. You relax and enjoy your weekend while get comfy with that kind of chair.

The White Partition Design

Instead using some doors or windows, you can choose the partition to separate two different room. Now,  partition of the house have many models. You can choose the white ones that be made from wooden materials. Beside, as separator and keep your privacy in other room, the partition also add some visual value to your home.

The Pink Bedroom Design

As not to make it your pink bedroom look flashy, you can make your one of walls in pink painted. Other walls is painted in white or any other color that look you like. Also, choose white furnishing for your bedroom. The white ones can give you tranquil feeling and make your room look brighter.

The Pink Dining Room Design

For dining room, the owner choose a basic dining set from wooden material. The design is simple but occupy the place perfectly. You can display one or two houseplants to make the dining room fresh.

The Pink Kitchen Design

It's never wrong when we choose traditional kitchen style with a permanent cast kitchen table. This kind of table is more strong, durable and easy to clean. You can design your kitchen in L-shaped models that perfectly fit within kitchen dimension.

The White Bathroom Design

If you think is too shabby, apply many pink elements on the bathroom. Simple and minimalist white bathroom can be your option. It have terrazo water tub, that the height is adjusted with the height of the toilet. In addition contain a lot of liters, it make your bathroom look more balance.

So, that's all for a pink house design. Hopefully those ideas  are useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about A Classy and Elegant Pink House Design, That Simple and Easy to Try at Yours. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
Source     : cr:instagram/rumahpink_khia

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