Best Purple Home Decor Ideas, Simple yet Elegant! -- It's never wrong, when we have some addiction in some colors. For example, like purple color. Being addict in purple and realize it in the form of home decor is the best idea to have a positive addiction. Weather purple is your favorite color or not, adding some purple accent on the home will give some different vibe that different with other color. Purple can give you elegant, feminine, tranquility, even some pop vibe to your house. So, keep reading for Best Purple Home Decor Ideas, Simple yet Elegant! It's quite simple, you can try some ideas on your own home.

Eye Catching Purple Living Room

When you want have purple home themed, go all out. You can design your wall in purple and white combination. Those combination makes your living room look more dynamic. Add some soft furnishings in purple color to give strong impression of elegant purple color.

Cozy Purple Bedroom Ideas

It's best when you design your purple-themed bedroom by using variety shades of purple color. Like the bedroom above, the wall is painted in light purple color, but for some soft furnishing you can pick the bold purple ones. Those tips, surely will make your bedroom cozier.

Minimalist Purple Kitchen Decor

When you have small space for your bedroom, the purple accents will make your small kitchen look more lively. The purple color give some vibrant vibe to your minimalist kitchen. It will best, when you decor your kitchen with all-purple kitchenware.

Up Ceiling Purple Design

Up to toe, not only your floor that must look good. Don't forget to beautify your ceiling by design some up ceiling in the living room. Up ceiling will make your living room look more airy and bright. Ah, also make it in purple and white colors, so the room have thematic purple look.

Simple Decorations

Every space shouldn't look empty. You can placed some shelves to display some snack for the guest or family member. Add some mirror to make you easier when you have to touch up your look.

Large Purple Living Room

In minimalist home, it's okay if you have to design your room in one space or called it as open plan design. This kind of arrangement will make your room look spacious. For instance, you can make living room and TV room in one space.

The Large Windows

Small or Large House will not perfect without windows. So, make sure you install windows to make your purple furnishing look stand out more. Beside, the windows will make your room look brighter.

The Terrace Design

Interior with purple decor is quite vibrant and lively. It's okay even if you want your terrace design look more tranquil just by placing some houseplant on it.

Hopefully those Best Purple Home Decor Ideas, Simple yet Elegant!  are useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about purple home decor. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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