Gorgeously Minimalist Interior Design with Beautiful Houseplants

Helloshabby.com -- There are many ways to make a minimalist house look gorgeously and stunning. You can apply some thematic look that make your home look spacious enough and stylish. To do so, you can apply the Scandinavian-themed that perfect for any kind of minimalist interior design. The Scandinavian-look mostly used neutral and earthy tone color. Just look some interior design inspirations above. It used white and bright beige (as earthy tone color) to make the room look airy. Last but not least, the presence of some houseplants give a fresh vibe yet stylish look to the room. We rounded up a full house design of Gorgeously Minimalist Interior Design with Beautiful Houseplants, that surely easy to adapt even in our tiny home.

White and Earthy Tone for Cozy Living Room Design

An easy way to make your living room look spacious is by using the white and light beige color to the room. The natural light will light up the white floor that surely will brighten up the moods. Some furnitures that have earthy tone color give a warm and cozy feeling to this minimalist living room. Oh, don't forget the house plants. The caladium on the side of cabinet, give some freshness to the room.

Chill and Unwind on the Warm Floor

Somehow we love to chill and unwind while lie down on the floor. Just bring a soft and warm rug to accompany your leisure time. Add some decorative frame on the wall to give some pop color accent to the room. Put one houseplant to bring some back to the nature's feeling.

Prioritize The Function of Furnitures and Essential Decorations

A Scandinavian look choosing the type of furniture that prioritizes the function of. The essential furnitures like the sofa, coffee table and cabinet have simple shape and pattern. So, the room will always look airy. The plants also placed on some point in small amount, so the room won't look to vibrant and crowded.

Comfy TV Room Design

Get comfy on your TV room by replacing the sofa with a soft rug with cozy pillow.

Enjoy your favorite TV with a minimalist backdrop TV. Dangling leafy plants are placed on open shelves and TV cabinet to beautify and enliven the look of the room.

Intimate Dining Room Design

For the dining room you can create cozy and intimate feeling by choosing the lamp that have dim light. Even on the house you can an intimate candlelight dinner with your loved ones. The rubber plants on the side will purify the air and give you some natural vibe that  make your dining room look in harmony.

Warm Bedroom Design

Comfort is an important thing that should be in your room. Choose a bed with a bed frame in a light color and material that look soft and comfortable. Place the mirror to make the bedroom look spacious. You can replace the houseplants with plant dried if you feel troublesome to put them on the room.

Fresh Kitchen Design

Choosing a kitchen set in light pastel color surely will lighten up the mood and brighten up your kitchen. Those kitchen set will be a focal point the pleasant to the eyes. To give the kitchen have thematic look like other room, simply you can add sticker in tropical pattern that look gorgeously.

Anti-slip Laundry Room Design

On the laundry room, other than it function, make sure you choose the kind of flooring that anti-slip. So you won't fall down in the wet floor. We suggest you to choose a floor that have textured surface, which is not easily slippery.

Minimalist Bathroom Design

Upgrade your bathroom by choosing the floor that have mosaic pattern and some plants. The Monstera plants that placed on white rack give some fresh energy to this bathroom.

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So that's Gorgeously Minimalist Interior Design with Beautiful Houseplants. When you display the plants, you can place in on little amount but with right arrangement. Many kind of plants that you want to display in the room could make your room look too flashy. So, what's is your favorite ones from the design above, tell us by comment and like on our Facebook fan page. 

Hopefully those Gorgeously Interior Design with Beautiful Houseplants is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home interior design. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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