7 Pleasant Pink Pastel Spaces to Inspire Your Design

Helloshabby.com -- A touch of color in a room can improve the mood, as well as reflect the character and personality of the homeowner. One of the keys to being able to give birth to one pleasant atmosphere in a room is the choice of colors. The color scheme becomes one key element, and it is essential in determining how perfect a space's visual appearance is. 

Pastel colors are colors obtained from a mixture of primary and white colors. For example, red and white or blue and white. As a result, pastel colors look bright and soft. Because of this nature sometimes pastel colors are identical to the impression of girly. But, with the right blend of pastel colors such as blush pink, rose pink and others can also make the room look elegant and sweet at the same time. 

Neutral colored room with a touch of pink pastel

In this room, pastel pink color is not the main color. But the presence of pastel pink objects completes the look of the furniture set in more neutral colors. As a result, the pink pastel object although only in small amounts, but able to make the room feel softer and warmer. In fact, as far as the eye can see, the pastel pink accessories are enough to be the focal points in this room.

Sweet and elegant cozy corner 

Having a favorite spot to read or do hobbies is very fun. Especially when the design of the room is in accordance with what we want. For a favorite spot that looks so warm and soft, try choosing the pink pastel sofa and pink throw.  The combination of white and pink things is still a favorite for pastel color's lovers. The presence of soft colors in this combination will give the impression of a sweet and soothing room. 

Pink pastel things in the dining room

If you want to bring a fresh sense of elegance to your dining room, then choose a combination like the one shown above. The design of the chair is not chosen with all pink color, precisely only one seat in pink while the rest is white. It makes the dining room feel more dynamic, but still looks harmonious. In this dining room is presented a mirror to make the room look bigger and also the presence of plants will help the atmosphere in the dining room to be fresher. 

Smart solution to place your tv

Standard TV cabinets are sometimes too short for a place to put the TV. This makes us less comfortable watching TV. To solve this, you can make your TV stick to the wall. This setting saves you more space and makes you more comfortable when viewing the TV show. Don't forget to give the TV room a pink pastel accent by putting some nice pink accessories. 

 Pink flower that refresh and sweeten the room

When deciding on a color theme for your interior design, you don't have to apply your entire room full of those colors. Excessive color uniformity will make the room look flashy and strange. Instead, you can choose important accessories indoors, but it has a great effect. For example, these pink flower that refresh and sweeten the atmosphere of this room. 

White kitchen in pink pastel touch

Want to apply a kitchen that's not too feminine? Try choosing pastel pink on some kitchen furniture. Combine it with the white color obtained from the upper and lower cabinets. The counter top in glossy black will also emphasize the look of your kitchen. 

Room decoration with soft colorful theme

Inspiring room with colorful accents is very interesting and eye-catching application. You can also apply a mix of pastel colors with different character in each room as needed. For example, you can use a feminine pastel color decorations in your daughter's room. The decor in a touch of pastel color instantly makes the room look bright and colorful. 

Hopefully those 7 Pleasant Pink Pastel Spaces to Inspire Your Design are useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home design ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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