7 affordable ideas to decorate your house

Helloshabby.com -- A house without decorations. It is functional, but somehow it also feels so tasteless. So, at least give one or two decors that suit your taste. That way, the house looks more attractive and makes you more happy to be at home. 

Decorating a house doesn't have to cost you a lot of money out of your pocket. If you are thinking of ideas on how to decorate your home on a low budget with affordable idea, we've rounded up 7 affordable ideas to decorate your house.

1. Dried Plants (Home Decoration)


Dried plants are easy to care and beautifully aesthetic. Instantly, it can boost a rustic vibe into your space. You can make a dry plant for decorations by yourself or simply buy a ready-to-use dried plants. The price is quite affordable and very worthy to be displayed in the corner of your living room. 

2. Show your Crafts


Do you like to make crafts? Don't hesitate to make it as part of your home decor. You can install a flower wreath on the door of your house, if you like to make a flower wreath. Or for those of you who like to make hanging macramé decorations, you can hang it near the main door. Getting into the house will be fun while looking at your hand-made decorations.

3. Flowers in the table 


Take a look at your backyard? Are there flowers blooming there? Do not let the flowers fall to the ground, you can pick them and put them in a vase. Place it on the table so that the living room looks more beautiful and fresh. If there are no fresh flowers that you can pick, artificial flower can be chosen and be an affordable idea to decorate your space.  

4. Bring in plants 


Nothing beat the beauty of nature. Bring in the plants to your house to make the space more alive. The potted plants are nice ideas. Both the plants and pot will act as decorative thing that will make a clear statement to the house. Choose low maintenance and affordable plants such as snake plants, cacti, golden pothos and more. 

5. Wooden frames for a clear statement 


Make the atmosphere of your home more positive by installing decorations that have positive meanings, such as wooden frames with the word HOME and the good meanings contained in it. With positive word around the room, hopefully, you can embrace the positive energy from it.

6. A Mirror on the Wall


You can call a mirror as furniture or a decoration. Installing a mirror on the wall will help you to always look proper even though you are at home. Not only that, the mirror will also give the illusion of a room that looks more spacious. The attractive mirror frame design certainly works as a decorating element that beautifies your space. 

7. Make it more personal 


Give a very personal taste when you decorate the house. For example, a group of family photos or a cross that symbolizes your faith. It will make a living space feels like really the safest and peaceful place for your family. 

Some ornaments do look simple and affordable, but all of them somehow look tasteful. The desk with flowers and the personality items carry a modern and personal touch to the house. Simple and affordable things in fact completely blow our mind. The last suggestion affirm us that even with affordable ideas but within the right arrangement, the house look better than ever. 

Author      : Yeni

Editor       : Munawaroh

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