7 Simple Solutions for Small-Space Landscapes

Helloshabby.com -- Having a small outdoor space may be troublesome. We want to have a magnificent outdoor landscaping, but the small space make us confused how to turn a small space into a magnificent and versatile one. Well, try not to focus on in limited space. You can try to design a garden or any outdoor landscaping with simple arrangement. Simple doesn't mean bad. There are many ideas with these simple arrangements. Within a little creativity, simple things will make small-space landscaping look so stunning. 

If you need more inspirations, here are 7 Simple Solutions for Small-Space Landscapes.

Create bold shape in your landscape garden!


It doesn't matter whether you have a small-space for outdoor landscaping. You can make one that look simple but amazing garden. Try to plant the grass on the ground. You can also plant some greenery like shrubs, bonsai tree and more on the sides of the field. Create a bold shape on it by spreading white pebbles around the plant area. This way, a small-space landscape will look have a clear visual direction. 

Hanging plants as solutions for small-space landscape 


Need more space to arrange the plants? Well, make use of the vertical space as the place to keep and display your plant. More hanging plants will enliven the small-space landscape. You can arrange the hanging orchids with a neatly lined vertical arrangement. While, for hanging shrubs, you can arrange them in a more horizontal arrangement.

Simple balcony garden to enjoy natural landscape


You don't need anything else, if you already have a breathtaking outdoor scenery, like this one. Just decorate the balcony as relaxing garden with rug grass, wooden deck and pebbles around the balcony. Arrange the greenery on the sides of the balcony to give a natural atmosphere. Don't forget to provide a seating set for you to enjoy this magnificent view.

Beautiful contrast for small-space landscapes  


Create a beautiful contrast on your small outdoor landscape. Play up contrasting colors in natural garden elements, such as rocks and plants. On the small-space, you can spread the white and gray pebbles close to each other. Use some black rubber straps to create a more unique shape. This rubber strap also brings out stark contrast in these different colored rocks.

Charming entryways covered in flowers 


Running out of space to create a beautiful landscape? Try to use the small space in front of the house a tiny garden. You can arrange the plant and flower around the entryway to the house. Those plant and blooming flowers will create a charming entryway to your home.

Take advantage of vertical spaces


Using vertical space is one of the good solutions for small-space landscape. You can use hanging plant such as Spanish moss right under the transparent roof. Make use the garden walls as a place to create a small vertical garden. You can attach some potted plants to the wall. This way, your small-space garden won't look too empty. 

Stunning arrangement in small-space landscape


No matter how small it is, you can create a stunning landscape. Try to consult with an expert or do DIY steps to create this small and stunning landscape. The small landscape look so great with pebbles, grass, shrubs, cacti and more greenery. All of them seem in perfect spot that make a small space look so amazing. 

Hopefully those 7 Simple Solutions for Small-Space Landscapes are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about small-space landscapes ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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