8+ Festive Green Home Decor Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- Green is sure a color that love by many. It's not surprising, consider green is a very versatile color. It can freshen up the living spaces. Because green is a color represent the nature. Green can also brighten up the space. It will add a splash of life to empty living space. 

If you're a green home decor lover, here 8+ Festive Green Home Decor Ideas. Green home decor ideas will make a tiny living space look so colorful and cozy.  

Choose the right green color combination 

There are different shades of green. Think carefully about the green color with the impression of what you want to show. If you want a room that look bright and fresh, green color combinations such as the living room above are worth a try. The green is applied beautifully to the selection of furniture, wall to soft furnishings. The choice of green color has a softer tone so that it can brighten the space. White color is also chosen as color balancer, that way the room does not look 'too green'.

Get creative with the walls 

Walls have always been an important element in home decor. Instead of making it a wall photo gallery, you can be creative with the walls and take it to the next level. You can try to paint the wall as TV backdrop in green color and irregular zigzag white lines. These walls surely will add vibrancy to the room. 

Keep it classy

Green may not be a color that represents elegance or royalty. But you can present a green home decor that looks classy and elegant. Painting two-toned colors in horizontal stripes gives a higher space effect. Because the green wall already look striking, the selection of dining sets and wall decorations carriers a simpler design and arrangement. That way, the room will look still classy but also feel fresh. 

Adorable green kitchen decor ideas

Having a small kitchen? Don't be discouraged. You can make it into a stunning green kitchen design. Pick kitchen cabinetry in green look. You can match in with stainless countertops. The green cabinetry and stainless countertop create such a natural and modern impression to the small kitchen. 

Keep it neat

Green is also a vibrant color. You need to make green items in the kitchen always neatly arranged. Take advantage of the area under the upper cabinet to install your cutlery storage rack. Make sure to install one or small window, that way a green small kitchen will look bright and spacious. 

Show your love for the green cutlery 

If you have a collection of green cookware and cutlery, do not hesitate to display it in your kitchen. The collection will make your kitchen more thematic. These green appliances also make the kitchen look adorable. 

The right way to store 

Don't force what doesn't fit. Even when you have limited storage space. Neatly arrange the green things in the right order. Arrange as best you can to make it easier to pick up things when you need them. 

Minimalist and small green garden design 

Like green home decor is incomplete without a green garden in your home. Create a simple green garden that can be used as a place to relax. Just pick artificial grass or green rug to cover the ground. Spread the pebbles around the rug to create a more natural vibe. You can also place an outdoor fountain to add water element in this kind of garden. 

Hopefully those 8+ Festive Green Home Decor Ideas are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about green home decor ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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