Timeless Architecture Minimalist Home Design

Timeless Architecture Minimalist Home Design

Helloshabby.com -- The house is not only a comfortable place to live, but also becomes one of the investment assets in the future. Important things that must be considered in choosing architectural design, interior and furniture used to the selection of material and the shape of home design. The nature of the house 'timeless' will not feel bored to be enjoyed throughout the day. Well what the design and interior arrangement, Timeless Architecture Minimalist Home Design you can make inspiration.

 Contemporary minimalist facade

With the concept of contemporary minimalist. The final touch of this minimalist home has a warm gray exterior of a blend of wood and concrete material. Applying the concept of tropical, circulation and lighting is not only. Applied to windows bu to glass model doors. Made with a simple concept, this house has a unique terrace with homey wood paneling floors with ornamental plant decorations in several corners of the area.

 Minimalist living room


Entering the interior of the living room, a set of beige sofas with cushions that can give the room seems more relaxed. Minimalist size you can minimize the use of furniture without excess decorations. Tend to be in a simple and old-fashioned style, the typical brown material with a balanced coffee table has a small model and storage space at the bottom.

Interior without a roomy bulkhead

The interior design of a small house will feel spacious if not limited to the existence of space partitions. One of them is an open-plan living room with a minimalist kitchen, providing a relaxing effect. Still with furniture and timeless materials typical of brown color, this time you can also apply it for the floor and stairs to the sleeping area.

Modern timeless kitchen

Although using a timeless kitchen style, to give a beautiful effect you can combine it with the selection of modern furniture today. Such ass stainless material for kitchen cabinets to refrigerators, provide fresh air conditioning from the window of the room that can add natural freshness and the space feels cleaner.

Bathroom design

The following timeless bathroom interior design looks with a small size. But make no mistake, the decor is very sweet expose material that is left without finishing. Give the impression of privacy between the sink and the shower area to maintain comfort when doing activities.

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