10 Small Swimming Pool in Backyard Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- When summer comes, swimming in the pool is a fun thing to do. You can wash away the summer sweat and summer heat by swimming or just soaking in the pool. If you still have remaining land in the backyard, try to turn it into a fun swimming pool.

You can have a private swimming pool in your backyard, so when you want to swim, you don't need to go a public swimming pool. Moreover, the existence of a swimming pool in the backyard allows you to hold a summer party that bring friends and family member together. 

Get inspired from 10 Small Swimming Pool in Backyard Ideas, so you can make one in your backyard. 

A dreamy swimming pool with a clear look


This swimming pool is everyone's dream. The view of the clear water and blue pool reminds us of a fresh ocean. You can make one in your backyard. Just make sure you chose the best tiles for your swimming pool. Ceramic and porcelain pool are popular and commonly used materials. Pick blue ceramic or porcelain pool tiles that gives a clean and clear look. 

A small pergola next to swimming pool


After swimming, usually you want to relax by the pool, right? Create a simple outdoor lounge by the pool to support it. You can build a small pergola. This pergola is filled with an outdoor dining set. After swimming, you can enjoy a fresh lemonade drink in this pergola.

A small but elongated swimming pool design


Due to the limited land size, you can design a swimming pool according to existing size. A small but elongated pool like this is the best example. It's not that big, but it still adequate to make you swimming back and forth. For the best swimming experience, you can choose a chlorine alternative, such as Mineral Swim that is made from 100% natural dead seas minerals that safe and softer on skin. 

A spacious backyard with small pool 


Having a spacious backyard is a blessing. A small swimming pool, adjacent to the backyard garden, makes a swimming time even more enjoyable. Moreover, a spacious backyard with pool make you able to hold a summer party. You enjoy a fresh iced tea in a sun lounger, while your friend soak in the cool pool.

Wooden deck idea


When building a swimming pool at home, no matter how small it is, always pay attention to the safety factor. You certainly don't want to slip and fall into the pool because of the slippery pool side floor, right? Alternatively, you can choose wooden deck floor that dries quickly from water seepage and anti-slip.

A swimming pool near the living space 


This swimming pool has a location close to the living area. So, the activity in the room will feel more pleasant with a view that goes directly to swimming pool backyard. This swimming pool has a rectangular shape with water features that seem to meet the surface of the pool perfectly. 

Waterfall feature in the pool

cr: Cristiane e Janice

Although small and minimalist, this swimming pool still looks cool. Thanks to the feature of splashing water falling into the pool that looks like a mini waterfall. This water splash feature also adds freshness to the look as well as freshness when you are under it. 

Play with shapes


This swimming pool model is suitable for those of you who have children. A swimming pool is made with rectangular shape with a depth that is adjusted to your posture and height of your body. A round swimming pool can be made specifically for your child. 

You can also play with shapes by making a built-in open cabinet to display succulent decorations that make the backyard more unique.

Decorate the pool with nature elements


A small swimming pool will double its freshness with the nature decorations. You can plant the tropical plants like Calathea lutea by the pool. The relief wall accents and natural stone walls will enhance the aesthetic impression of this swimming pool. Even the pool is small, but with beautiful decorations, you can get a Bali-vibe swimming pool. 

Hopefully those 10 Small Swimming Pool in Backyard Ideas are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about swimming pool ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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