7 Best Recommended Varieties Type Of Peperomia

7 Best Recommended Varieties Type Of Peperomia

Helloshabby.com -- Peperomia plants are ornamental plants commonly known for thick stems, fleshy leaves and leaf surface that have amazing beautiful motifs. 

In general, Peperomia plants should be planted in well-dry potting soil and get bright and indirect sunlight. Some varieties of this plant have smaller size with thick leaves resembling succulent and have striped leaves, heart shapes and long trailing stems with small leaves. 

For many varieties of Peperomia, you can choose the 7 recommended for you below:


 Peperomia Polybotrya


The name 'raindrop' Peperomia is perfect to describe for the leaves of this plant. Shiny green leaves appear with an oval shape that is pointed to the point, like typical raindrops. peperomias can grow larger compared to others Peperomias. it can grow upright, about 30 cm high and 10 cm wide.

This plant can tolerate bright and indirect light, as well as watering when the soil is completely dry, and will beautifully from Peperomia of coin leaves.

Peperomia Pink Lady


Peperomia plants with different leaf colors are very beautiful to look at. The shape of the leaves are plump, rounded and thick has a combination of beautiful leaf colors such as green, pink and a little silver. This plant grows lush with clustered leaves forming circle, filling plant pots.

Peperomia Obtusuifolia


Buby rubber plants are small Peperomia varieties that are like dense succulent with upright and tall stems. Shiny green leaves have a slightly concave shape, can create a slightly cupping shape. This plant can grow about 25-30 cm and needs bright to maintain its fertility.

Peperomia obtusifolia is known as pepper face peperomia which produces beautiful but insignificant flowers.

Peperomia Watermelon


This watermelon Peperomia plant has a large green leaf day shape with a silver line that is very similar to watermelon skin.

The leaves attached to these red stems grow as bushy rosettes, making this plant ideal for covering the soil or grouped with other plants indoors. Plants that are easy to care are good for you beginners, lovers of ornamental plants. You can have this plant because they will produce beautiful but insignificant flowers such as greenish nails.


Peperomia Scandens (Cupid Peperomia)


There are two types of Peperomia Scanden, one with green leaves and the other has a variety of leaves. This plant has thick, shiny fan-shaped leaves. With the color of green leaves mixed with white on the edges like framing the leaves very beautifully.


Peperomia Orba (Teardrop Peperomia)


This teardrop peperomia has a small oval leaf shape with different types of foliage depending on the cultivar. This plant has a solid green color, easy green, to almost yellow, with golden edges. This pant is highly tolerant to medium and indirect light. In addition, the size is only 4-6 inches high with 6-12 widhts.

Peperomia Prostrata (String Of Turtles)



Turtle species is a very small and delicate plant. Cascading string of these leaves are small circular that can fall quite easily. Similar to its name, this turtle Peperomia has a leaf surface like a turtle shell with growing dangling down. They are very susceptible to movement and fluctuating temperatures that can cause the leaves to fall.

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