7 Best Type of Peace Lily | Spathipyllum Varieties

7 Best Type of Peace Lily | Spathipyllum Varieties

Helloshabby.com -- Peace lily have many types with different characteristics. Flowers originating form this European continent, almost every country has a unique species of peace lily. In addition to just the type of ornamental plants, this plants is also interesting to be used as a bouquet or decoration at the weeding. If you want to plant this plant in the room, you can first see the type of peace lily that your can find here.


 Peace Lily Picasso


Picasso's peace lily plant has the shape of oblong leaves and tapered at the end.  The color of the leaves that attract white and green mixed so this one that became one of the characteristic of Picasso peace lily. Enough leaf fibber is clearly visible with a shiny leaf color more beautifully.

Peace Lily Domino


Domino peace lily becomes one of the interesting plants with green foliage with a line motif and very fine white patches. The contrast of beautiful colors with concentrated green leaves makes this plants a favorite choice to be place indoors.


Peace Lily Sensation



The peace lily variety that offers large leaves is the peace lily sensation. Leaves that are large and characteristically tropical can grow up to 4-6 feet. Deep green leaves with beautiful leaf fiber is very beautiful to fill the corner with the room in the house.  

Peace Lily Mauna Loa Supreme


This next type of peace lily has a medium size and can grow up to 3-4 feet. This shiny, deep green leaf has a width of 9-12 inches. Its shiny leaves also provide a beautiful visual for this type of peace lily.


Peace Lily Diamond


This beautiful diamond peace lily plant has a different variety of leaves. Ranging form small to large, tapered at the ends, this plant has patches and white strips on the inside of the leaves.


Peace Lily Sebastiano



Peace lily plant with large concentrated green leaves is a type of indoor plant with minimal light growth. This plant that can grow tall has large leaves with beautiful white flowers. 

Peace Lily Wallisii


This type of peace lily plant belongs to the dwarf variety group than others. It grows about 12-15 inches, with leaves rippling along 8-10 inches. Beautiful plants from the appearance of white leave and leafy greens signify a beautiful wallisii type peace lily plant. This spiky leaves are beautiful like paintings.

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