7 Kitchen Lighting Trends


Helloshabby.com -- Having a kitchen with beautiful design is certainly a dream for many people. Especially if you have a hobby a cooking. Lighting and selection of lights in the kitchen become the most important thing that you should not miss when you design a kitchen. 

With good lighting, the cooking process will feel more comfortable. Here are 7 kitchen lighting trends that can inspire you!

1. Stunning kitchen with spotlights


Spotlights are one of the additional lighting to accentuate the kitchen area to look more attractive.These spotlights are directed towards the wooden cabinet kitchen to create a more dramatic kitchen atmosphere.

2.Beautiful lighting in a white kitchen


The second kitchen inspiration is beautifully designed with full white color. For a luxurious kitchen look, you can choose a decorative lamp model with charming gold accents.

3. Kitchen with general lighting


The use of general lighting serves as the main source of lighting at night. Well so that the cooking process is comfortable, you can choose white and warm white lights for a more cozy atmosphere.

4. Kitchen with soft lighting

Soft lighting applications can create a friendly and warm atmosphere in the kitchen. You can use the color of the main light and decorative lights nuanced warm white. 

5. Kitchen with task light


Task light is used to facilitate you when food preparation, such as cutting cooking ingredients. This lamp is placed under a cabinet that highlights the kitchen table directly.

6. Kitchen with natural lighting


This minimalist style kitchen design is designed complete with window facilities. So that natural light can enter optimally in the room. The presence of windows also makes the air circulation system run more smoothly.

7. Kitchen with decorative lights


The use of decorative lights is an additional lamp to beautify the kitchen. You can install decorative lights on top of the mini bar. This lamp model is also diverse, you can choose according to your needs.

That's review of 7 kitchen lighting trends that can inspire you. Which design is your favorite?

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

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