Follow These 6 Ideas If You Want to Organize Your Bedroom In Less Time -- The bedroom is the most personal place for us. It is a place to rest, relax and refresh yourself. However, busy agenda and schedules often make you neglect the arrangement of the bedroom to the point that your bedroom look messy.

Do not let your bedroom look so messy and stuffy. You need to do these quick tips to organize your bedroom in less times. That way, your bedroom will be an oasis that gives the calmness and cleanliness you crave. Find out these ideas on Follow These 6 Ideas If You Want to Organize Your Bedroom In Less Time.

1. Use the empty-space under your bed


Make the most of the empty-space under the bed as additional storage. You can put a special container or storage that fits under the bed. You can make it as a quick shoes place. Practically, you can choose a bed that has drawers underneath. So, you can easily organize your stuff. 

2. Make everything clutter-free with Baskets


Baskets will speed up the arrangement of your bedroom. You can easily put blankets, sleeping dolls, clothes and other items in a basket, without having to fold them. Pick baskets designs and color that match the room visual. It will make the bedroom look harmonious. Most importantly, you can organize the bedroom in less time with these baskets. 

3. Use your nightstand storage


When you wake up from your sleep, what are you looking for? A glass of water, checking your phone, or just turning off the lights? It's easy if you gave a nightstand with storage underneath. Use nightstand storage to store your books, smartphones and chargers, laptop, mosquito repellent lotion and more. All of those items can be easily tucked into your nightstand storage. 

4. Use Vertical Space


Too many items on the floor will easily make your room look messy. Alternatively, you can use vertical space to organize your bedroom. Use floating shelves like this one. These shelves are firmly attached to a vertical wall. You can use it to organize your book, decorations or light snacks in the bedroom. It can be a stunning focal point by placing some decorative element on it.  

5. Don't forget to put the bin


The bedroom is a place that can be any place. It can be a place to work, a place to watch movies to a place to dress up. All these activities sometimes produce items that must throw aka garbage, such as crumble papers, used tissues or cottons.  Put the bin in the place where you most often have to throw trash. For example, under the dresser. If you have to throw away a face cotton swab or skincare bottle, just throw it in the bin under the dresser. 

6. Provide a versatile storage


Go into the room, and you're going to take off your jacket or sweater, where are you going to put it? You can try hanging it on a hook behind the door or hanging it on a versatile shelf like the one above. This shelf is made of wood  with rod as a place to hang clothes, and base to put shoes and other items. The shelf design is very slim and fits perfectly in the corner of the room.  

Those are our 6 ideas to help you organize your bedroom in less time. We think that those ideas are simple and practical. It will save time and makes your bedroom look neat. What do you think? Will you try any of those ideas for your bedroom? 

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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