How to Transform Your Modern Living Room Into a Home Theater -- Having your own home theater will be fun. You can enjoy your favorite movies at home with the whole family. If you lack the space to create a home theater, there are ways you can do it. Just transform your modern living room into a home theater. You can use existing furniture, and arrange it in the style of a home theater. That way, enjoying a movie like in the cinema can be done at home, precisely in the living room that is like a home theater. 

If you need inspirations to create a home theater in living room, here are the ideas of How to Transform Your Modern Living Room Into a Home Theater

1. Make Exclusive TV Wall Background


The thing that will make your living room feel like a mini theater is certainly the placement of the TV. Make the TV placement feel exclusive, like a mini theater. You can paint some walls, especially TV wall background, in darker color. Attach a lighting in dim light that could give a dynamic effect to the living room. Mounting the TV on the wall, saves enough space. In addition, a wall-mounted TV will make the TV more comfortable to watch together. 

2. Place the seat in the center of the room, facing the TV


Watching movies is more fun to watch together. Make it fun and enjoyable by choosing the best seating in your living room. If you love to sit back and relax as you enjoy the exciting movie, you can choose a comfortable floor mattress, like this one.  Place the seating in the center of the living room. Don't forget to face it in front of the TV. 

3. Install dimming lights in the living room


A living room like a mini home theater is more complete with dim lights around the living room. The dimming light provides a dramatic effect. It also makes you more focused when watching movies on the TV screen. You can turn off the main lamp and turn on the dim light, when the time comes to your favorite weekend by watching the movie. 

4. Get a Comfy Sofa


You don't need to change the whole living room setup to transform it into a home theater. Even the existing furniture still able to make your living room the best place to enjoy the thriller movies. Get a comfy sofa for it. Pick a sofa that is completed with footrest, so you can sit back and relax. 

5. The blue dimming light for a maximum home theater


Apart from other home theater design, you can get a living room that truly like a home theater. On the walls, you can install a screen that will reflect a blue light, when you watch the movies on the other screen. This blue light create a perfect home theater atmosphere, even on the small living room. 

6. Install surround sound


Enjoy the weekend by watching your movie-list. Watching movie become more comfortable by installing surround sound around the TV set. No need of extravagant or super pricey audio system. You can choose one that have a simple and compact audio system that work as surround sound in the living room. 

7. Pick the right furniture


A more homey living room can work as home theater. On it, just set the furniture in proper arrangement, like this one. Make sure to pick a cabinet that also as TV stand. Place  rug under the coffee table to make you feel warm when watching the TV. It is also better to place some snack rack, so you watch the movie while eating delicious snacks. 

Hopefully those How to Transform Your Modern Living Room Into a Home Theater are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about living room design. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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