7 Small Bedroom Ideas That Are Big on Style

Helloshabby.com -- Do you have a small bedroom? If so, then do you think your small bedroom look so plain, too crowded, and make you not want to linger there? If so, again, then it's time to do a little makeover on your bedroom. You can turn a small bedroom into a small paradise in your home, at least for yourself. 

Here are we've prepared 7 Small Bedroom Ideas That Are Big on Style. You need to know those trick to make your small bedroom presentable, enjoyable and also worth to post on your Instagram. 

Invest on bed


The bed is the main piece of furniture that you must-have. Even if you have a small bedroom, you can have a beautiful bed like this. You make investment on your small bedroom by choosing the best quality of bed for your bedroom. Pick the one that you really adore. The best bed will make you sleep better and make your bedroom look so stunning. 

Stylish with wall of art


Make a small bedroom stunningly beautiful by making a wall of art like this one. If you think you just have a little sense of art, don't be discouraged. Simply, you can cover the walls with pink, unique and attractive wallpapers. Hang some decorative frames to make the walls even more artsy and stylish. 

Enliven the walls


The walls are the easiest area for you to mix and match in a small bedroom. On the walls, you can hang anything, such as floating shelves a place to display your items, a decorative frame with art paint and some artificial vines. Those things are enough to make a small bedroom look big on style.

Elegant Black and White 


Black and white is a classic, timeless combination. This combination is also doing well on a small bedroom design. The white color will make the bedroom space look larger than the actual size. While, the black color add such a dynamic vibe that makes the room so sophisticated. 

Choose Favorite Color


A small bedroom with your favorite color will be the best. Design a bedroom with shades of purples, like this one, if purple is your favorite color. The soft purple look so soothing, while the deep purple act as accent to make the room even more stand out. This bedroom is adapting on-floor-mattress design, that makes the small space spacious enough.

Mezzanine Floor Design


Having a small bedroom space, you still get a complete bedroom feature. Just make a mezzanine floor bedroom design. On the floor, you can use it as bed space, wardrobe and en-suite bathroom. While, the mezzanine floor is used as working space in the bedroom. This mezzanine bedroom also looks so stylish with these hexagonal tiles. 

Rely on Bedsheet

cr: aptocomhistoria

No need to complicate yourself. To make a small bedroom so voguish, you can rely on the choice of bedsheet. Choose a bedsheet that will match with other bedroom feature. A striped, monochromatic bedsheet can be a focal point in this white bedroom. 

Hopefully, those 7 Small Bedroom Ideas That Are Big on Style are useful for you. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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