Best Tips To Create a Stylish and Relaxing Small Living Room -- There's no doubt that a living room is an essential room. A living room is a place where's your entertaining guests and any informal everyday use. As important as a living room is, we believe you have to make it look trendy and comfortable, even if all you have is a small living room

Decorating a living room is fun. But, constant use and daily routine make you easily bored with your living room ambience. That's why, we've gathered Best Tips To Create a Stylish and Relaxing Small Living Room. These ideas will help you to make a small living room a stunning space again. 

Have fun with walls

Walls are the best space for displaying eye-catching decorations. You can fill the walls with any decorations you like. Keep in mind, it is better to choose a wall-decor that match with wall paint color. The blue stone wall paint good together with art images in monochrome style. Even a small living room will look so stylish with this way. 

Double duty rug

Many living rooms are now always accompanied by a rug. A rug is multifunctional furniture. It will keep your feet from the cold floor. On the other hands, a rug will also make a small living room look so wider. You can pick a soft, white rug like this one to make a small living room spacious enough. 

Add your favorite color

Choose a wall color and decoration with your favorite color. It's up to how you want to organize your small living room. But, at least your favorite color won't bore you any faster. If you like, this combination of blue walls and gray sofa is worth trying in a small house. 

Smart arrangement

Yes, you are free to arrange a small living room according to your taste. Just keep in mind, you have to arrange the furniture in smart way, so it won't interfere your movement in the living room. 

Lively green living room

Many people like the green as living room concept and visualization. You can paint the walls in green, pick a round rug with  green accent to greenery. This way, your small living room will feel and look soo green. The green wall is also used as a place to display memorable photograph as to make the green living room feel so warm and family-friendly.  

Add greenery

The greenery is a useful living room decorations. You can arrange the plants on the wall floating shelves to make the walls so lively. Some potted plants are also place next to the sofa to create a balanced visual. More than that, the greenery will also help us to have a better air quality in the small living room

Use soft and light color for spacious impression

Indeed, a small living room with neutral or soft and light color make the living room look so bright and feel spacious. You can choose a soft beige color as base for walls and floor color. Liven up the small space with vibrant decorations, such as garland on the shelf and chandelier with flower decorations. This way, a small, bright living room will even feel so lively and lovely. 

That's all for Best Tips To Create a Stylish and Relaxing Small Living Room.  Hopefully, those ideas are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about small living room ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni

Editor       : Munawaroh

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