7 Incredible Wine Glass Terrarium Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- Terrariums are back in trend. It seems like the art of arranging a small, transparent container, just like an aquarium. However, instead of fish, you put plants and small garden elements. So, it will appear as a miniature garden

Terrarium is a great idea as a living decoration to beautify a small room. You can use the wine glass you have to make a wine glass terrarium. All you need is unused glass, sang, gravel and potting soil. Don't forget to include small plants such as succulents, air plants, cacti and other your favorite plants. Require more ideas, here are 7 Incredible Wine Glass Terrarium Ideas.

A miniature panda habitat with small shrubs

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You can make a large wine glass as a miniature panda habitat. Certainly, you'll use a panda figurine. Potting soil can be coated with white sand to provide color contrast. Put a small bush plant, artificial one is not a problem. The presence of small greenery will complement this wine glass terrarium. 

A mini succulent garden


Succulents are small plants that are perfect for a wine glass terrarium. Its small size and various shape will brighten up a terrarium. Make a zebra cactus as a center that make a wine glass terrarium look so stunning. If you want to add a compelling texture, you can add rocks or gravel into it. It doesn't matter, if you want to choose artificial plants on it. 

A wine glass terrarium like dessert cake


Get creative with your wine glass. You can make a dessert cake-like for your wine glass terrarium. The layer pattern of soil and sand is made like a good cake. A jade plant on top is a perfect combination. It's a low maintenance indoor plant, and can even live in a wine glass. 

A colorful wine glass terrarium


This colorful wine glass is perfect as a centerpiece for your coffee table. Color combinations are applied well to small stones on it. Even so, there is still soil that allows a fuzzy succulent to survive in wine glass. 

Zebra cactus for wine glass terrarium


It's that simple to make an attractive wine glass terrarium. You can make it look like a cake placed in a wine glass. Zebra cactus is the centerpiece of this terrarium. To make it even more interesting, a pigeon and mushroom figurine was added. The white small rocks are spread to make a beautiful contrast.

Jade plants with mini pebbles

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The next idea you can do with a wine glass terrarium is to fill it with mini succulents. The jade plant is quite tall compare to other succulent on it. These jade plants are a star of this wine terrarium. This wine terrarium is so practical and beautiful, suitable for Christmas gifts. 

Wine glass terrarium with air plant

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Air plant is a low-maintenance plant. The plant can live even without water or soil. Make it a perfect plant for a wine glass terrarium. You can put an air plant in wine glass filled with beach sand, like this one above. 

That's all for 7 Incredible Wine Glass Terrarium Ideas. The idea of terrarium wine glass is so easy to realize. You can make it yourself, and make it as a decoration or a small gift for those around you. 

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