7 Kitchen Ideas for Tiny Space


7 Kitchen Ideas for Tiny Space

Helloshabby.com -- A small room still offers an attractive design. For example, maximum storage of space and adding other details such as additional shelves. Cooking needs are not just a matter of preparing food, but a way to rearrange the kitchen in more detail without relying on small sizes. Well, 7 kitchen ideas this time you can try to apply at home for a small size.


Add a plate rack under the cabinet


For those of you who may not have much room to add large rack fixtures, think again to add a small plate rack under the cabinet. This will make the additional space full and be the best spot for plate, fixtures, glasses and even bowls.

Place display cabinet


Open shelves will be very functional and make additional extra. Rethink the size you use and adjust length like a cabinet. This is suitable for kitchen spices or coffee grounds and sugar.

Change the space window


Considering the small size of the kitchen, you can make sure again so that the cooking atmosphere remains conducive. Moreover, it is important if you build windows around the kitchen for additional circulation.

Reset invisible devices


Activities in the kitchen need extra space and support that can trigger comfort. You can use electronic equipment such as the oven behind the cabinet or cooker hood to absorb cooking steam. This will work and facilities you in the efficiency of cleaning in the kitchen.

Super organist kitchen cabinet


For a small kitchen room, you still can not waste the kitchen with all furniture as necessary. Provide additional space, such as a model of an island kitchen that is widely stored.

Clean up the kitchen with a different storage model


Show your small kitchen at home with beautiful details in the form a diverse storage cabinet. Such as closed cabinets, shelf storage in the lower area. You may be able to maximize not only to cook, but to eat at once.

Hang decorations around the kitchen


Without furniture and storage, the kitchen will feel empty. Likewise, if you do not decorate the kitchen with a few plants or ornamental plants. Then you can decorate the wall with ornamental plants or some kitchen-themed wall art. 

Hopefully those home garden idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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