7 Small Backyard Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- Not all of us are blessed with a large backyard. Even so, that doesn't mean we can't have a functional and attractive backyard. There are many ways to make the most of a small backyard. The best way is to use it as garden or any outdoor healing space. 

You also don't need to worry about the big cost. In an easy and cost-effective way, you can create a stunning backyard. We've pulled up 7 Small Backyard Ideas for you who want to maximize the small backyard. 

1. Easy DIY vertical garden


Too many plants on the ground can get in the way of your walking and moving space in your little backyard. Create a vertical garden as another way to show plants. You can use iron panels with pots that are easy to attach to them. Choose the type of plants that can grow lush, even at height. That way, the vertical garden looks so fresh and lively. 

2. A minimalist Zen garden


Bring a Zen element that will give you a peace of mind. The backyard consisting of rocks, sand, greenery and water feature gives off a unique appearance. The water feature in the form of a natural rock water pond is the main attraction of this small Zen backyard. A place like this is perfect as a spot to chill and unwind.

3. Add tropical plants with leafy and large leaves


Small backyards don't have to use small plants. Give a clear, green statement by planting a thick and tropical plants to your garden. You can choose plants from the Colocasia family. The leaves can grow large and lush. As big as the leaves of this plant can be used as a shade. 

4. A place to pursue a quiet time on your backyard


It's not a big deal, if you have a small backyard like this. You can turn it into the best place to pursue a quiet time. Lay out a grass carpet that soft and comfortable to sit on. The white gravel around it add a natural impression. The existence of a blue water pool feature with a wall fountain also makes this backyard feel so cool. 

5. Surround yourself with plants


Plants make us happy. So, it's not wrong if you design your backyard as a base camp for your houseplants. Put the plants around the backyard. Provide a pair of affordable outdoor chairs as your seat. You can take care of plants and enjoy the fresh air in this place. 

6. Fun and hassle-free backyard


For busy homeowners, consider a backyard design like this one. This green space uses a lot of furniture and artificial elements. For example, practical grass rugs, bean bags and artificial decorations. Cactus plants are also placed. It's due to cacti are easy plants to care for. This area covered by a roof, so it won't get wet by the rain.

7. Small jungle backyard ideas


A small backyard can look like a small forest in your home. Thanks to broadleaf pothos plant that can grow vines on a backyard wall. You get the feeling of exotic small jungle with the dim lighting installed around the garden. 

Hopefully, those 7 Small Backyard Ideas are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about backyard ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.


Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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