7 L-Shaped Kitchen Ideas with Pros and Cons

Hellloshabby.com -- One of the most commonly used kitchen layout is the L-shaped kitchen. This kitchen layout arranges furniture, especially cabinets and countertops, docked to the wall resembling the shape of the letter L. The L-shaped kitchen has its-own advantages and disadvantages. However, apart from that , the L-shaped kitchen is suitable for variety of kitchen styles and sizes. 

Read more about whether this kitchen layout will work on your home! Keep reading for 7 L-Shaped Kitchen Ideas with Pros and Cons.


1. Save on space: the L-shaped kitchen is perfect for a small space. Kitchen appliances to be spread over two walls. You get more work zones, even in a small space. The existence of an empty middle area, making the kitchen look more spacious and airy.  

2. Neat: this layout allows you to have more cabinets in the kitchen. Kitchen items and furniture don't look scattered, but they are neatly stored in the cabinet. 

3. Flexibility: L-shaped layouts are also easy to apply to open-plan concepts. Allow you to organize appliances, sinks, oven and  delimit kitchen area from the living room. 

4. Efficient workFor the L-shaped kitchen makes it easy for the owner to move around, especially for cooking. In addition, you can easily approach one area to another. 

5. Perfect for corner space: the L-shape will perfectly occupy the corner of the room. 


1. Hard to reach the corner: the L-shaped kitchen was created to fill the kitchen in a right-angled dimension. However, it's hard to reach the corner of the cabinet in the corner space. 

2. Less suitable for larger areas: all arranged furniture is attached to the wall, this can make large areas less optimized if only cabinets and countertops are in the form of L.  

3. Difficult for multiple cooks: for a smaller kitchen, it will be quite challenging for more than one cook or multiple cooks to be in the kitchen. 

4. Require additional storage: you may need to add storage such as island, small shelves to create a more flexible space. Island can also fill the space that is too empty on L-shaped kitchen. 

7 example of L-shaped kitchen


White and natural brown colors give a kitchen visual that looks clean and bright. The distance between the stove and the sink are also quite close, making it easier when washing the ingredients to be cooked. 


The white and wooden kitchen does look minimalist. You can add color accents to make it more lively. Yellow color for example on the refrigerator and kitchen rags.


The L-shaped kitchen, you can design in simple way but super chic like this one. The black countertop design blends beautifully with small pink curtains underneath. Make it look so chic and cool. 


Make sure the L-shaped kitchen gets the right lighting. Add small windows for natural lighting. You can also install lights in a modern and industrial lampshade to make it look so chic. 


The combination of green and white gives the kitchen a fresh, bright and fun visual. Make a green lover passionate about cooking in a kitchen like this. 


L-shaped kitchen makes the kitchen look wider. When you want to choose furniture, consider the cabinet design with the dimensions of the room. If the dimensions of the room are high enough, pick a high top cabinet model as well. That way, vertical space is maximized, and you get more storage.


The L-shaped kitchen is suitable for those of you who want an open kitchen. The direction of the cabinets and tables facing the open space will eliminate the boundaries of space. So, when cooking you can still chat with members who are in the room around the kitchen.

Hopefully, those 7 L-Shaped Kitchen Ideas with Pros and Cons are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about kitchen design and ideas. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house come true. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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