7 Small Bathroom Ideas To Fall In Love With

Helloshabby.com -- Small bathrooms often seem stuffy. Actually, a small bathroom is not that bad. Small bathrooms offer practicality and space efficiency. Small designs also require less work and money to make one. 

Make people forget how small the bathroom is with interesting ideas and designs. You can apply those 7 small bathroom ideas to fall in love with.

1. Apply a fun Atlantic touch 


The focus for a small bathroom is not always about making it look spacious. You can design a small bathroom as comfortable and attractive as possible according to your liking. For example, applying an Atlantic theme to it. The bright blue walls blend nicely with the maroon tiles. Atlantic accents can be seen from the shells on the cabinets and window sills, and these cute little miniatures make small bathrooms so fresh and fun.

2. Dynamic patterns for the tiles


Make a decent investment for a small bathroom. You can try choosing a wall tile design that is not plain. This herringbone pattern wall adds dynamism to this bathroom covered in white shades and warm natural accents. It creates a beautiful and elegant for the bathroom. 

3. Make the shower area more special


The shower area without glass or curtain barriers does make a small bathroom look wider. This shower area made more unique. The owner installs small embossed ceramic tiles in a mosaic pattern like this one. This bathroom also has complete features even though it is in a small-space dimension. Inside, there is a toilet, sink, shower and water heater. 

4. Sweet pink and white shades

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This bathroom looks serene and provides visual satisfaction. Pink and white walls make the perfect combination for a small bathroom that looks characterful. Pink accents also included in the form of soft furnishings such as doormats, towels, toilet covers and others. The walls also well optimized through the installation of wall shelves and cabinets.

5. Add greenery


Indeed, light color shades make your bathroom feel bigger. Keep your walls and floors on light and bright color. Only shades of white will make a small bathroom stiff. You can put one green plant on the empty-side. Plants will keep the humidity and freshen the air in the bathroom.

6. More luxurious with patterned ceramics

via: instagram/kamarmandi_id

Expand your tile flooring to the walls. It will make the bathroom appear bigger and wider. Don't forget to pick tiles in unique and interesting pattern. Just like the small bathroom above. The bathroom looks more luxurious, with ceramic tiles in a vintage pattern that stand out beautifully. 

7. Incorporate mirror


Add a mirror. Yes, having a mirror in the bathroom give the illusion of a more spacious room. In addition, a mirror will really help you to touch-up even in a small bathroom. Check it out before leaving the bathroom. Thus, you will always appear ready and on point, even at home. 

Hopefully, those 7 Small Bathroom Ideas To Fall In Love With are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about small bathroom ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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