7 Small Kitchen Storage Ideas For More Efficient Space


Helloshabby.com -- If you have a small kitchen, you don't have to worry anymore. It turns out that there are many options for designing a small kitchen to keep it functional. You need to arrange various kitchen utensils to keep them neat and organized. A neat kitchen will make it easier for you when you will cook,

We have summarized 7 small kitchen storage ideas for more efficient space that you can apply at home!



 1. Functional wall rack


There are many ways to get around the limited size of the kitchen. One of them can use multi functional wall shelves. The models are diverse, you can choose according to your needs. Various spice and other equipment you can place neatly and organized.

2. Try pull-out pantry


To help the kitchen look neat and organized, you can try using a pull-out pantry. Various kitchen supplies can be stored neatly. Using a pantry will make a small kitchen more functional.

3. Using wall shelves


 Instead of using wall cabinets will make a small kitchen look full, you replace it by using wall shelves. That way, the kitchen will look brighter and organized. That way, the kitchen will look  brighter and organized.

4. Use an open shelf


 Kitchen design will be far from a messy impression by using open shelves. The use of open shelves will make you save more space. At the bottom the rack has wheels that make  it easier when it will be moved.

5. Stylish wall racks


 There are many models of kitchen shelves that you can choose according to your need. Stylish wall shelves with purple shades look suitable with kitchen cabinets. In addition to saving space, kitchen shelves can also make the kitchen look more beautiful.

6. Functional kitchen cabinet


 A small kitchen will still look neat withe use of functional cabinets. Top and bottom cabinets can be use to store various kitchen supplies. That way, the cooking process will be more fun.

7. Storing groceries in the refrigerator


To make the kitchen healthier, you can make sure to store groceries in the refrigerator. The position of the refrigerator you can place near the kitchen to make it easier for you when going to take cooking ingredients. Don't forget to keep clean in the kitchen.

That;s 7 small kitchen storage ideas for more efficient space that can inspire you.  I hope the information above can be useful.

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

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