7 Best Purple House Design Ideas 2022



 Helloshabby.com -- Purple is a color that can bring spirit and happiness. In fact, many people choose as their color and passion. Well, you can try applying purple as the decoration of your dream home. Using a touch of purple can make the house look luxurious.

Here we share 7 best purple house design 2002 .  I hope you like it!

 1. Purple house facade

 The facade of two-story house looks stunning with the dominance of purple. You can blend between soft purple and dark purple for elegant look. The presence of plant decoration managed to liven up the atmosphere of the house.

2.  Living room with purple accents

 You don't have to apply all the interiors with all purple colors. Using a neutral color combination such as white will make the impression of a more elegant room. Well, you can put purple accents on the decors of the room to beautify.

3.  Beautiful purple curtains

Curtains not only used to close windows, but can also make the interior look more attractive. The owner uses two-layer curtains with gray and purple colors for a more attractive impression.

4.  Purple terrace and greenery

The combination of purple and a touch of green will make the house look more alive. To bring a calmer atmosphere, you can choose a soft purple color that is homey.

5. Purple laundry room

 The small size of the room is no longer a problem to present a beautiful room. This laundry room looks charming with purple decorations. Built-in furniture will help you in the room.

6. Beautiful purple bedroom

Another beautiful room in shades of purple is the bedroom. The dominance of white as a basic color, you can combine with a touch of purple to display the impression of a beautiful room.

7.  Beautiful purple kitchen

The kitchen not only used for cooking, but also for gathering with family. Kitchen cabinets with pastel purple will look more beautiful if you combine it with white accents.

That's the 7 best purple house design ideas 2022. I hope the information above is useful to you. Thank you.

Author      : Hafsah

Editor       : Munawaroh

Source     : Instagram/dewyspurplehome

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