7 Most Spectacular Indoor Outdoor Kitchen Ideas


7 Most Spectacular Indoor Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Helloshabby.com -- The idea of an outdoor and indoor kitchen of course needs to be adjusted by the needs of the homeowner. Even to arrange it yourself, you can try many references to match the appearance of the room or the back area of the house. Both modern look, classic style, industrial, kitchen so one of the best places to cook to prepare dishes for the family. If you are interested in the perfect kitchen idea inside or out, these 7 ideas you can try to apply:

Party-only outdoor kitchen


Not always the kitchen is used for daily cooking activities. There are times when you design an outdoor kitchen that is only specially for the party activities or the end of the year only. Then you can choose a string stainless steel kitchen complete with oven. This kitchen will be suitable for you to place around the back garden of the house.

Simple outdoor kitchen with cast table


The idea of an outdoor kitchen this time is quite simple. Make a table of cement cast material that leaves empty without a cabinet. But this kitchens looks sleek without a cabinet or drawers for  storage. Cooking remains relived because it is outdoors near the garden of the house.

Rustic style outdoor kitchen


The following outdoor kitchen ideas are quite popular in the classic house. Using materials as divers as natural stone, wood enhance an interesting cooking experience. Shaken from recycled materials, you can also combine with modern materials such as stainless to make it more charming.

Semi-open hallway kitchen


Having a kitchen located between the residence and the yard is quite interesting for cooking activities. Moreover, the kitchen design makes good use of the hallway area, although the kitchen table cast material can still be the main choice for you to use. Decorated with a charming fresh green color, rustic touch is also applied to make it more perfect.


Minimalist Japandi style indoor kitchen


Minimalist style is currently widely applied to the interior of the house, especially in the kitchen area. By carrying the Japandi style, this kitchen is quite dominant with white color and wood material. Warm earth tone nuances add to the cooking activities, so it is more moody. You can design practically without cabinet and replaced with a patch rack that sticks to the backsplash.



 Industrial-themed indoor kitchen


Designing an indoor kitchen requires the right budget. One of them is with an industrial kitchen design that takes a modern style and applies definite fittings such as cabinets, drawers to  other supporting equipment. Even with the shape of letter L you can maximize the corner of the room in the house to design a sustainable kitchen for the dining area.

Staycation-style outdoor kitchen


This last idea is designed for those of you who like a weekend party with the closest colleagues. This kitchen is made for the purpose of party only, so the design is quite connected when combined with the outdoors. Wood materials to modern equipment remain the main choice. Not far away at home, you can place it behind the house that will be a favorite of the family.



Hopefully those home garden idea is useful for those of you who looking for ideas and inspiration about home garden idea's. We wish you will be easier in making your dream house. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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