7 Small Bathroom Design Ideas and Solution

Helloshabby.com --  In some homes, the bathroom is arguably the smallest room compared to other rooms. However, there are also bathrooms that are made in small designs and sizes. Small bathrooms may sound simple and space-saving, but there are some problems that people with small bathrooms have to deal with, such as very minimal mobile access, limited storage space and others. This concern can make routine agendas such as bathing less glamorous and fun. 

Overcome the constraints of a small bathroom with these 7 Small Bathroom Design Ideas and Solution.

Problem: Crowded small bathroom with tub and shower


In some small bathrooms, it is not possible to add a tub and shower in the same space. However, you can still make it exist. Choose a petite tub design and occupy the small corner you provide. You can also install a glass screen with a new black frame for the shower box. This glass screen help the bathroom look more spacious and open, even though it has a tub and shower. 

Problem: plain small bathroom 


Square small footage, makes people design small bathrooms to look as they are without effort. I hope you don't! You can make a small bathroom more than that. 

Solution: choose a wall tile design in a vibrant ethnic pattern like this one. Expand this unique wall and make it a focal point that makes your small bathroom so beautiful and glamorous. 

Problem: small stuffy bathroom air


You have to arrange a small bathroom with complete furniture like this to have fresh air. The solution, you can install a window or small ventilation in the bathroom. In addition, you can do the idea of putting bathroom plants. Plants will improve air quality and fend off any bacteria in the bathroom. Place it at several points, such as the post next the shower and window sill. 

Problem: lack of storage in a small bathroom


The smaller the space, the less storage space in the bathroom. This can make you confused when you want to put toiletries. The solution: use unused space for storage. You can add a floating shelf above the sink to put soap and aromatherapy. Attach a hook to hang small towels in the bathroom. Also take advantage of the shower wall by installing a built-in shelf for you to more easily place toiletries bottles.

Problem: limited vanity space


Solution: finding a suitable vanity design for a small space can be a difficult task. You can choose a sleek vanity design with wooden countertops, a single sink and round mirror with an elegant golden frame. A vanity will give you a stylish small bathroom design. 

Problems: small bathroom that feels cramped


Many people want their small bathroom to look bigger and more spacious. The solution, try playing with color for a small bathroom. A white or other neutral color scheme would be a good choice. This color gives the impression of a larger and wider room. Combine the white tiles with marble patterns, to make a small bathroom more classy. 

Problem: tiny bathroom that look dark and gloomy


Small bathroom can look dark and gloomy without windows. For that, it is essential to install a window or skylight in the bathroom. Windows will provide natural light into a small space. If it is impossible to install a window, opt out for LED down-lights in bright white light to illuminate the tiny bathroom. 

Hopefully, those 7 Small Bathroom Design Ideas and Solution are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about small bathroom ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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