Native Amakan House with Beautiful and Fresh Garden -- Each region has a residential design that fits the culture and geography of the region. One of them is a typical amakan or sawali house from the northern Philippines. The use of woven bamboo walls gives a traditional, rustic and tropical aesthetic. Curb appealing will increase with the existence of a green garden as an outdoor place or gardening for homeowner. 

This is an example of a simple, budget-saving and ecologically sustainable house. For more details, keep reading for Native Amakan House with Beautiful and Fresh Garden.

The attraction of woven bamboo walls

Nida Barral

Bamboo walls will give a rustic impression that gives its own-beauty and serenity. The use of this wall is very appropriate for a hot tropical climate. Where the lightweight and porous woven bamboo walls make the air circulation cool in the house. It would be great to make woven bamboo up to the ceiling of the house. Because the porosity will balance the pressure when strong winds hit, and minimize roof damage.

Simple and functional living room

A simple living room but prioritizing its function will make this amakan house better. Here, you'll find sofa and wooden bench as seating to entertain guests or any informal daily use. You don't need the lot of decorations when choosing a ceramic floor design in a beautiful pattern like this.

Exterior with a strong natural feel

Nida Barral

Amakan will give you a fresh traditional feel. The repeating diamond woven wall blend nicely with the green garden around it. A neatly manicured garden like this will make the amakan house not so outdated. 

Plants arrangement on this garden

As you can see, the owner is good at managing the garden. Garden plants are arranged only on the outside of the house, such as neatly lined up in the area near the fence. That way, the lawn looks spacious and so green. Make the atmosphere of the house far from the arid and dry impression. 

Simple garden path

Nida Barral

Make garden features richer with a garden walkway. This garden path can connect the terrace area with the garden. Make it in white to contrast with the visuals of the green garden, so you can easily identify the path. 

White pebbles that give shape

You can form a garden with white pebbles. You just need to spread the white pebbles in the shape you want. The white color that stands out among the greenery will give your garden a more shape and a more contrast, that makes the garden so beautiful. 

Hopefully, those Native Amakan House with Beautiful and Fresh Garden are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about native amakan house design. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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