36 Sqm House Floor Plan 2-Storey

Helloshabby.com -- Due to limited land and costs, many people end up choosing a simple house design. However, what needs to be paid attention to, a simple house is not always synonymous with a cheap, low-cost house with modest quality. A simple house refers to an architectural design that is as simple as possible, without unnecessary redundant details.

Like the design of the house which we will discuss below. This house stands on an area of 6m x 6m, with a two-story concept that will provide more space even on limited land. You get a living area, family area. 3 bedrooms and more. For you, here are 36 Sqm House Floor Plan 2-Storey.

Simple home facade design

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Avoid the hassle of choosing a home fa├žade design. Learn to love boxy symmetrical buildings, which are fairly simple, easy and most affordable to build. This two-story house has a simple shape with details that emphasize functionality, such as the number of windows installed and others.

Impactful color accents

Choosing white as the exterior color is the easiest thing to do. White is the color that will make the house bright. However, add a little accent of another color so that the house does not look stiff. For example, applying brown, beige and natural stone accents that will give a natural and fresh impression on the front view of the house.

Open Plan Concept

Let's discuss the interior of this house design. After the main door, you will find a living area. The design of the room carries the concept of an open plan. The room lacks large walls, there is only a partition between living and other areas. That way, the room will look bigger. This room is also a stairway access to the second floor. 

Living Area

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Give a modern touch to the living area design. You just need to place a beautiful sofa and a compact coffee table design. Install a TV set on the wall with a display rack in a unique contemporary design. Add decorative things and artifacts that will beautify the living area. 

Dining and kitchen

The empty space under the stairs is beautifully transformed into a dining and kitchen area. Design a kitchen with an L-shaped layout, where granite-coated countertops made as wide as possible, which allows more tables for preparation and cooking. The empty side is perfect for being a dining area, with table sets and dining chairs in a modern and sleek design. 

Bedroom 1 Design

You can make a simple bedroom. All-white color with black and gray accents will give the impression of minimalism and elegance. Get around the small room by installing a large mirror on the wall. Mirrors will help give the illusion of a more spacious room. 

Family Area

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Building a two-story house allows you to have a family area that is separate from the living area. This space is more used as a place to gather with family and friends. Create a TV backdrop in blue to avoid the boredom of seeing the same color throughout the house.

Master Bedroom

The bed is in the middle to maximize the flow of movement in the room. The bedroom has two windows on the right and left sides of the bed, which provide good lighting and air circulation. The master bedroom made in a modern style that is not excessive. Additional wall decorations present in 3 unique style to enhance the aesthetic value of this room.

Third bedroom design

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You can use the third bedroom design as a child's bedroom or a spare room. The selected furniture is fairly modern and sleek. That way, more furniture can fit into the room. 

Toilet and bath

The bathroom has a spacious dimension of approximately 2m x 1.5 m. In this size, you can design a toilet and bath in the same place. 

Ground Floor Plan

On the first floor, you will find living area in 3.4 M x 2.55 M, kitchen and dining area in 4 M x 3.45 M, laundry area in 2.6 M x 1.35 M, bedroom in 2.6 M x 2.55 M, toilet and bathroom in 1.3 M x 2.1 M. 

Second Floor Plan

On the second floor, you will find master bedroom in 3.4 M x 2.55 M, third bedroom in 3.25 M x 2.45 M, family area in 2.6 M x 2.3 M, balcony in 2.6 M x 1.2 M, toilet and bathroom in 1.65 M x 2.5 M, and staircase in 3.25 M x 1 M. Total floor area for this house is around 387 sqft. 

Hopefully, those 36 Sqm House Floor Plan 2-Storey are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about small house floor plan and design ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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