Modern Home Design with 2 Bedrooms with an Elegant Look -- Today, it's easier than ever to get references and inspiration to get an idea of your dream home. One of them, by looking at some of these modern home design inspirations that we've reviewed a lot. 

This time, we present a modern house design with two bedrooms. With a minimalist style architecture, which might save development costs. Not to mention, the appearance of a good house will give a good impression on anyone who sees it. For you, here are Modern Home Design with 2 Bedrooms with an Elegant Look.

Front view of the house

Clean, modern and comfortable. We think these three words are appropriate to describe the front view of this modern home design. The building has a firm, symmetrical shape with colors in neutral tones, which are both and calming. The front of the house has a terrace in the L-shaped that directly connects the front door and the side door. 

Natural style accent

The front view of the house should not look too plain. This can make the house look boring. You can add some accents in the form of colors and patterns. For example, by applying an accent wall of natural stone or special materials that have a natural style, such as a natural stone pattern or a wooden grain patterns. Patterns and accent colors will add to the appeal of the house. 

Equally cool side design

The design of the side of the house is made as good as the front. The difference is, the side uses a glass door and window model. This aims to provide more natural light into the room. So, the room does not feel cramped and dark. The sides also look more balanced with the installation of side fences that are made to frame the sides of the house. 

Nice exterior features

The outdoor area of the house has some nice features. One of them, is a transparent roof mounted above to shade the L-shaped terrace. This roof allows natural light to brighten up the terrace, and protects the terrace from rainwater that may also enter the house. 

Modern house roof

The roof of this house uses two models of sloping roofs. The two sloping roofs have different slope direction. One titled back with additional skylights or solar panels as a source of electrical energy at home. One roof is titled to the side to optimize the flow of rainwater. 

Interior design

If you intend to build this house design, you'll get a living area with a modern sofa and modern TV section, a dining area, a kitchen with L-shaped layout, two bedrooms and a shared bathroom. The layout of the room is quite simple, with the living area as a center place for doing activities together. 

Hopefully, those Modern Home Design with 2 Bedrooms with an Elegant Look are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about modern home design and house plan. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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