Simple House with Wood and Modern & Cozy Interior -- More and more people want to be close to nature. The hot environment, the bustling city, and the hectic workload, make a house with wood or bamboo something that is expected to provide freshness and tranquility. Meanwhile, wooden houses are not the same as outdated. The use of modern design and arrangement to make the house still have a modern and practical touch.

For more ideas, here are Simple House with Wood and Modern & Cozy Interior.

Standout wooden elements

The first thing that will attract your attention to this house is the wood as a building construction. Wood with an as-is appearance becomes wall panels, front pillars and terrace fences. Making wood the main element in this house.  With a simple roof that shaded the house perfectly. This house is suitable as a stopover residence, like a cottage, but it doesn't matter if it becomes a residence for you and your partner. 

Front of house decoration with plants

Houses with wood are more perfect with nature-themed decorations. You can use living decorations, such as potted plants. Choose a few flowers that bloom all year round. Place it in empty corners and sides to liven up the front of the house. 

Outdoor entertainment features

Entertainment at home is not only about home theater, right? Create a place of outdoor entertainment or relaxation at home. A place to chat casually together. You can use the terrace as a place for outside entertainment. Just put a pair of chairs and a wooden table, you can also add a hammock. 

Sliding glass door

The choice of the main door design affects the comfort of the house. If the house tends to be small, you can use the sliding glass door model. This is a space-saving door model. Transparent surfaces can also expand the visibility, so the room in the house does not look cramped and too small. 

Small and colorful living room

Entering the house, you'll be greeted by a small but colorful living room. This is a place for sitting and talking to people in the home. The boring impression never felt here. Thanks to the use of patterned rugs with vibrant pop colors.  Likewise with a single sofa and sofa cushions in the same color. 

The artistic centerpiece

This is an open living room. This room is one with dining area. The living and dining areas have simple and sleek furniture and don't take up much space. This room also has a centerpiece that makes the room more beautiful and attractive. 

Natural base color

This house has a limited land area. Overcome by having a natural and neutral base color. Wooden floors and wooden furniture in natural light brown color blend nicely with the surrounding white walls. This makes the room feel cozy, bright and airy. 

One wall kitchen layout

For small houses, a one wall kitchen layout is a good idea. Maximize one row of walls to place countertops, sink, stove, refrigerator and cabinets. The existence of a small window will greatly assist lighting and ventilation in the house. Make the cabinet design the same as the floor so that the small kitchen looks more modern and impressive. 

Small and modern bathroom

A small bathroom with modern features will give pleasure. You get a shower box that allows the main bathroom floor to stay dry. 

A bedroom with triple bed

There is one bedroom that can be used for three beds at once. However, you can only place a single bed design here. You can place three beds by designing a bunk bed. You can make this bed a child's bedroom, or a guest bedroom with more beds. 

Master bedroom design

This master bedroom is guaranteed to give you peace and satisfaction. With a natural brown and white base, it makes the bedroom feel cozy and bright. A splash of color comes in from using the same purple bedsheet and dandelion flower door sticker. 

Sum up

This simple house with wood can be an interesting inspo for those of you who want a house with a refreshing natural atmosphere. The modern interior will make you not feel out of date, even if you live in a wooden house. It can be called a modern house. Just make sure the wooden construction is suitable for the environment and climate in which you live. 

Hopefully, those Simple House with Wood and Modern & Cozy Interior are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about small and simple house ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family!

Author      : Yeni
Editor       : Munawaroh
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