Snake Plant Flower: The Rare Mother In Law Tongue Flower - Snake plant or has botanical name Sansevieria is the plants that popular as houseplant. Usually, this plant placed at living room, bathroom, and other. Don't forget with the snake plants that can make good filtration in bad air at home. Then, you can look these Snake Plant Flower: The Rare Mother In Law Tongue Flower. Check it out!


Sansevieria Black Viper


Sansevieria black viper or black dragon has rich, glossy, and dark green succulent leaves. This plant can adapt to different light levels. The deep green coloring of black viper will intensify in shade and become a vibrant, lustrous green with more light.


Sansevieria Japanese Twister


Beautiful Sansevieria Japanese Twister has very bright leaves and dainty yellow color. With twisted looks as it matures, the leaves will look like twister tsunami but with brighter leaf color.


Sansevieria Cylindrica


The one type of Sanseviera, Cylindrica  is a stemless evergreen perennial plant that producing succulent, erect, rigid leaves up to 75 cm or more. This plant can reach a height of 1.8 meters and the flowering stem grows 60 - 90 cm or more tall.


Sansevieria Hanni


The one of popular succulent, Sansevieria Hanni is easy keeping as well as its appearance. This Sansevieria in particular is a cultivar that was originally developed in a nursery environment.


Sansevieria Golden Wendy


Including Trifasciata Hahnii, Sansevieria Golden Wendy has a bright yellow leaf color covered in moss green. The leaves of this plant twist like a tsunami twister.

That are Snake Plant Flower: The Rare Mother In Law Tongue Flower that can implementing in the home and make you inspire. Hope you enjoy this article. Have a nice day, everyone.

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