Box Type House Design 2 Bedrooms with 7.50m x 11.30m (85 sqm) Total Floor Area -- Building a house really requires careful consideration. Starting from the selection of exterior models such as the shape of the building in front of the house, landscaping features to interior models. All the features of the house that match your wishes will give you a sense of comfort and satisfaction. Like this house design with a total floor area of 85 square meters. With a box type house model, it allows you to have a home that is modern and comfortable as a small family residence. 

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Box type house design

3D KH Design

The thing that stands out from the shape of the front building of the house is the box type house that stands firmly. The combination of natural gray with brown accents give the impression of a fresh, modern home. Moreover, the accents of granite patterns on the open box building of the terrace, make the house get a more elegant look.

Bungalow concept with box house type

This house takes the concept of a simple bungalow or small house, with one-story building and a floor elevation that is not too high, making it suitable for a family home with the elderly in it. However, this house does not use a sloping roof, to make it seem modern and not an old-fashioned home. 

Window installation

A small house is in dire need of the natural lighting. This is also presented from the installation of windows on each wall with a fairly large size. That way, natural light can enter and brighten up the house during the day. More open windows also help to give a fresh atmosphere in the house.

Pool features

If you have a large outdoor area, use it as a refreshing feature at home. You can build a swimming pool with a small wooden feature that can be used as a relaxing place to sit, after swimming. Features a neatly organized garden or a swimming pool will make the house always cool and fresh.

Cozy living room design

3D KH Design

The living room is a place where you welcome guests or a place to relax. The design can be made as simple as this. With sectional L-shaped sofa and green carpet that are enough to give a cozy atmosphere. This living room also has a TV feature mounted on the partition wall for entertainment at home.

Minimalist partition wall

This space has an open-space concept. Between the living room and the dining-kitchen area is placed a minimalist partition to separate the two-areas. This bulkhead also serves as a TV backdrop and a sleek cabinet underneath. The wooden partition also gives a stylish impression to the room. 

Dining and kitchen area

3D KH Design

Present a modern and elegant kitchen-dining area like this one. The furniture palette is chosen in neutral colors and soft color tones that match the woody flooring. The modern stylish impression can also be seen from the installation of chandeliers in contemporary design. 

Room Layout

This box type house design has a size of 7.5 m x 11. 3 m or 85 square meters total floor area. The ground floor consists of an entry porch, living area, dining area, kitchen area, laundry area, common bathroom, bedroom 1 and master bedroom with ensuite bathroom. The swimming pool is not included in the total floor area.

Hopefully, those Box Type House Design 2 Bedrooms with 7.50m x 11.30m (85 sqm) Total Floor Area are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about home design and ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
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