Sawali/Amakan House Ideas for Simple and Comfy Life -- Never judge something from the outside. It is the right thing to judge this house. From the outside, this house carries the traditional Amakan or Sawali style. With woven bamboo walls that make it look so natural and cool. It has a comfortable home interior that makes living there even more better. 

More ideas? Keep reading for Sawali/Amakan House Ideas for Simple and Comfy Life.

House facade design

Christy Chocel Bugao

Walls with sawali or amakan are typical of native homes. Walls with woven bamboo give a natural and cool impression to anyone  who sees it. Tight and flawless woven walls make the house look sturdy too. Having a house like this still fits in with the dry landscape with the gravel bed and greenery around it. 

Cozy living room

The traditional impression is only for the outside of the house. Entering the house, you will find a simple and modern room atmosphere. This living room features a sectional in an L-shaped that is perfect for filling a corner space. Lighting is softened by installing soft curtains on the windows. 

Living plant decoration

An instant way to make the house cooler and lively is to put living decorations. You can choose any type of plant. If in this house, chooses a neon pothos plant with a fresh and beautiful neon yellow-green color. A simple plant is enough to be placed on the small coffee table like this one.

A TV set

Christy Chocel Bugao

The living room is also used as a room to watch TV together. For that, put a cabinet with a TV on it. The sides of the cabinet use green plant decorations from various varieties of pothos plant. The beige color walls complement the visuals of this house with a calming tone.

Simple wooden stairs

This house has a staircase to access the attic or other vertical space. The stairs are, made of wood with wooden supports and strong railings. Even though it is simple, the wood accents in the house make the interior of the house feel in line with the concept of a sawali or amakan house design.

Kitchen and dining area

Christy Chocel Bugao

You might find a kitchen in the same place with the dining area. This arrangement is more simple and efficient. In short, after cooking, the food can be served directly in the dining table. What makes the kitchen unique is the sawali or amakan house that can be seen above the kitchen backsplash.

Small laundry and bathroom ideas

The laundry room is right next to the bathroom. The floor design of the laundry area and bathroom uses embossed ceramic tiles in a natural stone look. This kind of floor is safer when getting wet with water, minimizing the risk of slipping. 

Hopefully, those Sawali/Amakan House Ideas for Simple and Comfy Life are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about amakan house design. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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