Small and Simple Wooden House Ideas with Complete Interior -- There is nothing wrong with building a wooden house. This is an economical, eco-friendly and pocket friendly home idea. You can still fill a wooden house with modern furniture. Make the house have a contemporary vibe that is not too outdated. If you are interested in this house design and ideas, here are Small and Simple Wooden House Ideas with Complete Interior.

Wooden stilt house ideas

At first glance, this house is built firmly by upright wood. The house was built with the concept of stilts, as the floor of the house also uses wood. The concept of a stilt house is intended, so the house has a higher floor elevation, thus, it is safe from dust, animals and insect that will enter the house.

Home and yard

Luckily, this house surrounded by well-maintained lawn. It makes the house more has a close-to-nature vibe. Even it is so simple, you can place some outdoor chairs to enjoy the outdoor view. The front area of the house shaded by a roof, which will keep your seat safe from the excessive sun and rain.

Living area with wooden nuances

Entering the house, you will find a living area with wooden nuances. This is because the entire construction of the house is built from solid wood. Even so, the entire wooden surface makes this house feel rustic and natural. The living area has a couch, TV set and white rug that covered the wooden floor.

Open-space in the house

Because the size of the house is relatively small, one large room can be converted into several areas, such as the living area, dining and kitchen area. Minimize the use of unnecessary furniture and decorations, so the room feel spacious and airy. 

Small but effective kitchen

Yes, the kitchen in this simple house is indeed small. However, the important kitchen features that exist make the kitchen still function optimally. Use a single stove, cabinetry and a sleek sink for a kitchen that is not too narrow or cramped. 

A dining area

In the kitchen area, there is still enough space to put several sets of chairs and dining tables. Make it look so lively by choosing a tablecloth in retro patterns, it still fits in with the wooden house atmosphere. 

Use the wooden wall

Wooden walls can still be used as a place to install furniture such as TV mounted-walls, floating shelves to put decorations and some small equipment and install memorable photo frames on the walls. 

Pink Bedroom

You are free to fill the bedroom with any style. Love the shabby chic style? Try choosing a bedsheet in this adorable pink and floral pattern. 

Install the temperature controller

Make the bedroom more comfortable by installing air and temperature controllers, such as air conditioners, fans or whatever. Add curtains on wooden windows to provide privacy when resting in the room. 

Simple bathroom ideas

The bathroom design is a bit different from other rooms, especially the floor. Invest in floors with ceramic or special tiles that do not absorb water, unlike the wood floor. Use a shower instead of a tub to save space. Enliven the look of the small bathroom by choosing ceramic tiles in mosaic or marble pattern like this one. 

Hopefully, those Small and Simple Wooden House Ideas with Complete Interior are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about small and simple wooden house ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

Author      : Yeni
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