Small living room lighting ideas - 7 designs and expert advice -- Lighting really helps a small living room. Lighting will make a small living room look bigger, brighter and even better. The right lighting will give you the ambient and set the mood you want to present in a small living room. We rounded up some great living room lighting ideas for small spaces. Here are some of the ideas: Small living room lighting ideas - 7 designs and expert advice.

Make sure it has main lighting


Before you choose lamps with certain effects, make sure the living room has main lighting that makes the living room bright. One of them is the panel lights on the ceiling. The installation of lights on the ceiling will make the living room completely bright. In addition, ceiling lights can also be adjusted with a fluorescent effect on the walls. 

Use hidden ceiling light


The ceiling is the best place to install lights. Some ceilings have a shape with most of the surface exposed to the top. This ceiling make a small living room looks more spacious. The ceiling is more attractive by adding element of lighting. Embedded halogen lamps or the use of LED strips, ceiling lighting can be hidden on lower surfaces to give reflected light a softer look. 

Choose beautiful lights when on or off


A small living room still needs a focal point. And it could be in the form of a lamp or lighting. You can use a chandelier, pendant light or table lamp. The lamp can be placed in the middle of the room as the main attraction of a small living room. Choose a beautiful design, which when turned on or off, the chandelier still looks good.

Let the natural light help


Daylight in the living room feels better with natural lighting. You can maximize a small living room with that. For example, by making high ceilings and installing glass dormant windows. This window can channel natural light and optimally illuminate a small living room during the day. Besides that, a small living room will also feel spacious.

Pick a sleek pendant light


Choose a lamp or lighting design that matches the style of the living room. A  minimalist living room would be better off using sleek pendant lights like this. Pendant light is great for a casual look in a small living room. These lights can also add to the main lighting in the room.

Consider a good corner lamp


If the corner of the living room looks empty and dark, you can fill it with a standing lamp. Choose the type of light that suits your taste. You can use a standing lamp with a dim light to give a warm and homey impression to the living room, even in a small corner. 

Lighting that sets the mood


Lighting can set the mood. It can also complement the visual and style of a small living room. The living room feels modern rustic with the use of a standing lamp with warm lights. This lamp has a rattan hood design that makes it give a unique glow effect in the room. 

Hopefully, those Small living room lighting ideas - 7 designs and expert advice are useful for those of you who're looking for ideas and inspiration about small living room ideas. We hope that it will be easier for you to realize your dream home. Don't forget to share it with your relatives and family.

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